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Consumers Expected To Spend Record-High $19 Billion For Valentine's Day

Money may not buy love, but Americans will at the very least show their appreciation to their significant others this Valentine’s Day  by spending more than they ever have on traditional Feb.14 merchandise. 156 more words

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Average Consumer To Spend $79 For Super Bowl Prep

There will almost certainly be some e-commerce companies airing 30-second spots during this year’s Super Bowl, and by doing so, they’ll reach more than half of the country’s population, based on new viewership estimates for the big game. 206 more words

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Why You Should Never Buy Stuff When You're Sad

If you lose out on a plum assignment or get passed over for a promotion, your first tendency might be to head to the mall or click over to Amazon for a pick-me-up in the form of some discretionary splurging. 348 more words

President Obama challenge republicans to raise the minimum wage

On Tuesday, January 20, 2015, President Obama delivered the State of the Union speech to those across the country.  The speech itself was memorable, but it was the reaction across social media that really took many by surprise. 416 more words

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Debt is financial bondage

How many of you are going to a job each day that you loathe? It’s a challenge to get out of bed, get into your vehicle, and walk through the office doors to punch a clock. 423 more words

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Brush up your knowledge of sociology

The consumer boom in Russia has deep sociological roots – which ensure the growth of strong and healthy branches to the Russian tree of consumer spending. 142 more words


Falling oil prices didn't deter Alberta Christmas shoppers

The plunge in oil prices didn’t prevent Albertans from spending money during the recent Christmas shopping season.

A new report, released Monday by Moneris Solutions, Canada’s largest credit and debit card processor, said consumer spending in Alberta was up six per cent in December from December 2013. 453 more words