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¨Access to water should not be a public right¨ РFormer CEO and current Chairman of Nestle.

Truly concerning words from the largest producer of food products in the world. 115 more words


Some thoughts (and questions) on pleasure

We’re just back from a family holiday – and very enjoyable it was too. Not only the company, but also doing a bit of following Paul around in Corinth and Athens and other historical stuff – rather a lot of it lying around Greece. 611 more words


Obroni Wawu

I’m fairly sure that like me, you probably had no knowledge of the meaning of those words before today. The literal translation from African/ Ghanaian is ‘dead white man’s clothes’. 443 more words


The Christian Consumer (3) 'To Avoid Sin'

Laura Hartman identifies 4 Christian responses to the challenge of consumerism and then unpacks each in detail. She wants to draw on Christian tradition to develop a wise response to contemporary consumerism. 664 more words


Christian Consumer (2) shopping as an ethical act

Laura Hartman contends that Christian ethical reflection (on consumerism) is not about defining whether particular types of consumption constitute low moral or social status, the real purpose is to discern what is right. 537 more words