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Societal Collapse

Extravagance of desire is the fundamental cause which has led the world into its present predicament.

Fast rather than slow, more rather than less- this flashy “development” is linked directly to society’s impending collapse.

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The real issue...

I don’t believe that the real underlying issue to some of our political, social, environmental and economical problems is being addressed. All we are really doing is chucking on a band-aid, a quick-fix remedy, thinking it will fix it, or at least hide it to a point that it is out of mind.

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Happiness is...?

Over the weekend, sharing dinner and dessert, I had a great conversation with someone about happiness. What is it? And why are we conditioned to believe (a) it is something outside of us that we must attain and (b) once we ‘get it’ it will endure, otherwise we will have done something wrong. 361 more words



Cities have a strange affect on me. The noise, people, cars, smells, buildings and a constant bombardment of advertisements and shopping malls attempt to pull me back in to the madness that is the ever-growing, capitalist, free-market economy.

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Simplifying Life

Clearing Out My House, Horrified by Waste

Someone recently told me about an old Brahman tradition of giving everything away after 5 years.

As I’ve been clearing out my house, sorting things into boxes marked Keep, Donate & Sell, I’ve been thinking about that. 450 more words


Leaving Mainstream to Join a Commune?

I’ve come to the conclusion (as I often do) that some things boil down to choice. Is life falling apart, or is it opening up? Maybe sometimes it’s a little of both. 502 more words


The Cost of Living

The cost of living! Quite an unusual concept when you really think about it. Why is there a cost of living? Why do we have to pay to be alive?

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Simplifying Life