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Iphone 6s. Fuck you, and fuck you consumerism.

The soul of human communication is held in our hands. The 21st Century has forced is into a corner, into submission. We are scared. Who wants the Iphone 5s? 82 more words


Thinking about happiness and working?

I have a kinda old soul deh. Kadang suka mikir gak jelas tentang satu hal yang ‘berat’ dan berakhir gak bisa tidur karena ngebayangin ini-itu terjadi. 374 more words

My Contemplations

More Freedom Makes us Happier, Right?

America, often considered the land of opportunity, prides herself on being the “leader of the free world,” but just what type of freedom is she talking about; and does this freedom make us happier? 304 more words


The Christian Consumer: eschatology

In this final chapter of The Christian Consumer Laura Hartman turns her attention to how God’s ultimate purpose for the created world can shape consumption in the here and now. 552 more words


The Skinny on Back to School

Well, it’s that time of year again! The temperatures are dropping, the days are shortening, the leaves are beginning to turn, and the calendar is indicating that backpacks, pens and pencils, and school projects will become part of daily routines. 1,112 more words