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Home for the Holidays

Since moving back in with my parents, I have been most looking forward to is Christmas the Holidays. This will be the first year I have a partner coming to my parent’s house for the festivities. 606 more words


Kids Only Christmas

Zombies gravitate toward Christmas, and it brings out some of the worst impulses in people, while also highlighting just how shallow, empty, and stuff-centric our lives have become.   361 more words


Human Resources

The Corporate Christmas is well under way, de-humanizing society and sterilizing traditions and beliefs.

Human Resources is the new term for people who are employed. … 218 more words


The Grinch would say…

Imagine if you married the Grinch and all you believed in was Christmas cheer and magic.

Consuming waste they would say. “25% of your yearly waste coming from one day?” “Disposing of objects from the past and not getting what you asked.” “What did you ask for?” the Grinch would say. 384 more words


The UK adopts the single-most noxious event in American consumer culture

Originally posted on The Restart Project blog

The Restart Project is a volunteer-driven project sparked by two friends: one Italian and one American-British. As two people hugely invested in our communities, we are a little stunned by ‘Black Friday’ this year…


Why Black Friday really is a dark day

In Hertfordshire, a woman in her sixties had her leg cut open. Manchester saw a man arrested for threatening to ‘smash in’ the face of a shop assistant, while down the road another received a black eye. 609 more words


Friday in Hell

I’m sure we’re all familiar with Black Friday – that one day in the American calendar when major retailers open early and offer massively discounted prices, drawing in a horde of customers who will likely barge their way through each other in order to get some of their Christmas shopping done as early as possible. 441 more words