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The Shameless Consumerist.


Mr H calls J a shameless consumerist. The type that advertisers love and capitalistic economies thrive upon. The type that drives minimalistic, sustenance- only, under- the-top individuals like him nuts! 686 more words


How good would that feel?

Was I the only person in New Zealand to see the gigantic cock in the background of this advertisement? Notice the strategically placed text: ‘PowerBall, How good would that feel’.  31 more words


All We Have to Fear is to Fear Ourselves

Life is interesting. On paper it should be easy right? We fulfill our basic needs (food, water, shelter, the newest version of the iPhone), procreate (if we’re lucky) and then die. 575 more words


Skull & Bones for the Masses

The Merchandising of Death

 A lack of symbolical literacy, combined with the glamour of popularity, has eclipsed our ability to see what is hidden in plain sight.
343 more words

Life with Death

The brainwashed masses have taken to displaying the death symbol on their children.  Why do they do this?

Behind the fashion, beyond the associated ‘coolness’, here are two small children. 78 more words


Dear Reader

Please excuse any mistakes I make in this article grammatically, structurally or ideologically. After all, I’m only human.

What exactly does that phrase mean? Since when have we started believing that being human is inherently less than sufficient? 614 more words

Excess is Not Progress

My mom was born in 1929..my dad in 1937. Despite the 8-year age difference, they  shared a common generational characteristic…they were raised during hard times. My mom was born almost exactly one month before Black Monday – the start of the Great Depression.   675 more words