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Thrift... in the so-called 'Age of Austerity'

Samuel Smiles’ Victorian classic Thrift is the jumping off point for my next sole-authored book. It will look at how the ‘making do and mending’ version of thrift became the ‘keep on spending’ (in a pound store for bargains) version of thrift in the post-Keynesian era. 170 more words


Laughing at the fantastic Tesco fiasco

So, Tesco shares have closed the day 6.5% down after they announced profits have been overstated by £263m. Easily done I suppose. Apparently underlying profits have slumped to (a miserly) £783m, down almost 47% on the previous year and sales continued to fall. 306 more words

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What if it's True?

Every generation thinks the generation coming up is teetering on dissipation. It’s pretty much a checkmark for middle age when you find yourself thinking that “kids these days” aren’t nearly as 1] responsible 2] engaged 3] committed 4] educated as you were. 463 more words


These are the Days

These, these are the days of change. Under a canopy of bleakening light glinting off the skeletal remains of trees, Old Winter hails its call. On All Hallows Eve children, sprinting and chanting happy sing-song verse, will haunt the villages of the world scrying forth their tricks for treats. 646 more words


The "So What?" and the little boy lost

Two comments struck me tonight, so much so that I want to address them tonight before I study something else. Sharon had asked about the “so what?” of Laski’s book and while it seems the question points to the book’s finale, it seems directed to the novel itself. 303 more words


our revolution has a bigger screen

and comes with poor people carrying guns

the next big thing is already here

available starting at $299


today we present the revolution

many of us have been waiting for the world to change

but now with the revolution, it finally can

it will come in both blood and sinew

and be available starting at $399