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The World, part 2. Consciousness.

I look back to a time when my mind was silent, there was no constant jabbering, the inner monologue penetrating my every futile attempt at calm. 386 more words


The World, part 1. A brief overview of my feelings.

I often ponder upon the state of humanity, where it has come from and where it stands now. I’ve always believed in the idea that humans, arguably being the most advanced species on Earth, are guardians, protectors, leaders of it, and all that reside on it. 479 more words


” One cannot have too large a party.” - Emma 

We are blessed to have a big and beautiful family. Because of this, on any given month of the year, someone in it is celebrating a birthday.

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Jane Austen Quote Of The Week

Running from danger = Running away from a great blessing

Wait… What?!?!?

Most American Christians I speak with see danger and persecution as the antithesis of blessing. Many people think “If I am in danger or suffering, then I must be out of God’s will, that God has somehow ‘removed his hand of blessing from me’.” This is simply not true! 388 more words

Church Planting

Making the consumer difference, one free-range egg at a time

‘If you’re so against animal cruelty, why aren’t you a vegan?’ Said the carnivore, to the vegetarian.

Lately, I have spent a lot of time beating myself up about my own hypocrisy in making better choices as a consumer.

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Soft Shoes

The left-behind, always on the fringe, but once recognized, lived again and again.

Yes, the modern world is this bad.

But an ability to see behind, beyond the scrim, a beautiful reckoning. 36 more words