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Wants vs. Experiences

I’m a bit of a dreamer and have always had a huge case of wanderlust. I would rather spend more on experiences, especially travel, than buying things. 385 more words



I think a lot about stuff, things, and consumerism. Both how they play in my life and on a broader scale. It is easy in America, to fall into tunnel vision, where the focus is on gobs & gobs of possessions, forever trading… 621 more words

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Some thoughts about the Ice Bucket Challenge

Have you taken the ice bucket challenge? According to the Independent, this internet sensation has raised £48 million in less than a month with 1.7 million people donating. 860 more words


Lets Get Personal

Filter Bubbles 

Having had time to research and hone our research idea we’ve come across some interesting content which (we hope) will broaden and enrich our feature on… 121 more words

Digital Revolution

2008: Politics and Economy in Montilla, Part l

            It is late July 2008. I am standing in the darkened street in front of Antonio Carpio’s house, captive to a nagging sense of anxiety. Armed with the issues that Juan has raised, I wonder if this meeting could turn somewhat confrontational. 830 more words

Cultural Anthropology

How I Quit My Biggest Addiction

I guess you could say I have become a traitor to mainstream culture. I used to be an avid fashionista, television-watching, consumerist, young adult. In the past two years, I had an ‘awakening’ and have since started making small changes in my behavior and my outlook on life. 632 more words

The siren lure of minimalism

It may not seem like something I’m into given my fields of study, but I love minimalist living. 

This is not a how-to guide, as many have written about how to get started… 728 more words