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The Bumble Bee's Tale

The humble bumble bee must rank as one of the most vilified creatures on Earth by humans. As children we are told to be careful not to be stung by one, yet they only do so because it is frightened or protecting the colony – most of us would lash out if someone tried to attack or those we love too! 310 more words

Fear Is Becoming My Friend

It has been many moons since I last wrote. Ronan got his first haircut this past week as the sun shone on with the rise of spring. 467 more words


I recently read an article on Beyond The Purchase, a blog that looks at consumer behaviour. It is based on a study that they recently conducted that found that there was a strong link between the socioeconomic status of an individual’s neighbourhood and the individual’s materialistic beliefs. 721 more words


Sweat shop blues (part 1)

I woke up this morning…

The News Man told me things are bad and its all my fault-

But not to worry too much- with a smart haircut and a decent suit I’ll be ok. 162 more words

Questions Of Life

What We Buy is Who We Are

Katie Lowell

The social logic of consumerism communicates identity, social status, and draws the lines for in groups and out groups. As consumers, we are told that the only way to represent ourselves to others is through the unbridled consumption of goods, products, and services. 289 more words

Redefining the American Dream

What is the American Dream?  A house in the suburbs with the picket fence and everything else we’ve always believed it to be right? Perhaps. I know I used to think so, however I recently began to question and rethink what the American Dream could actually be. 422 more words


As the name suggests, affluenza is fittingly termed to demonstrate its likeness to both affluence and the flu. This relatively new portmanteau, gained recognition from last years drunk-driving trial of Texan teen, Ethan Couch. 853 more words

The Formula