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Drugstore adventures, round 4.

We stumbled upon Don Quixote, or ‘donki’ as it’s called here. It’s not technically a drugstore, it’s a massive discount store that sells everything from cosmetics to electronics to garden supplies to sex toys and maid costumes. 380 more words

Cool Stuff In Japan

Sustainable fashion: Does it exist or is it an oxymoron?

How would you define ‘sustainable fashion‘? Do you think it is an oxymoron?

While I’m not particularly interested in shopping for clothes and accessories, I am conscious about what I buy. 929 more words



You don’t need to be a zen master or yogic mystic to experience flow. It’s a natural part of life, but it’s easy to miss unless you’re paying attention. 775 more words


Investment Consumerism: why patronage is important

Every Saturday I go to the same local coffee shop and work for about five hours over a cup of coffee and some chocolate chip banana bread.   781 more words

Does Compositional Analysis Trump Simplicity?

In their chapter of Reading Images: The Grammar of Visual Design, Kress and van Leeuwen reinforce a point that was made earlier: “Because it looks good” is not enough. 561 more words

Brand Identity

I Object!

(Think Legally Blonde, people.)

If you knew me when I was a teenager, you probably knew I had an unusually large amount of angst. Or maybe you did too and here I am just trying to one-up you. 265 more words


Some thoughts (and questions) on pleasure

We’re just back from a family holiday – and very enjoyable it was too. Not only the company, but also doing a bit of following Paul around in Corinth and Athens and other historical stuff – rather a lot of it lying around Greece. 611 more words