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IT at the Core

IT departments experience tremendous demand. Infrastructure is required to build and maintain complex compute environments and application teams must develop a platform of features and functionality vetted by business requirements. 216 more words


Mobile Messaging in the Era of Enterprise Consumerization: How SMS Puts the ‘S’ in Success

Consumerization. SaaS. Cloud. BYOD. Mobility. Just five years ago these words would not have described the focus of IT and security professionals. Yet today, CIOs are reckoning with all of these forces, joining executives from across the organization to redefine and innovate business processes, operations, and communication with customers and employees. 

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Guest Blog

Shift the Focus

Information Technology (IT) divisions are going through an evolution. Lots of factors have contributed, but most influential is the consumerization of technology & services. Expectations have changed outside the four walls of an enterprise. 242 more words


The power of Note taking applications versus Enterprise data controls

Confess this is just a short “mini-rant”.

I was experimenting with two great Internet/SaaS note taking applications, EverNote and OneNote, and started to reflect on the power of these applications to enhance personal productivity. 345 more words

When it's not user-centric software it's called Enterprise software

I had an experience in the last couple weeks that really had me thinking about this. To generalize it so as not to expose the guilty…I was talking about a new product and before discussing how it worked, how it addressed the problem differently than existing products on the market, or any of the user interaction and workflow I received questions about security. 346 more words


Azure RemoteApp feels like both more and less than I expected

There was a lot of speculation and hype prior to Microsoft releasing Azure RemoteApp.  The secret code name was “Project Mohoro” and I confess I was thinking about full RDSH/Terminal Services in the cloud right away. 801 more words