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An Assault on Resource Scarcity - Analytics is a force multiplier

EARTH HOUR is a fascinating spectacle. It is quite astonishing to see such a powerful symbol showing synchronization of intent on such a massive scale to conserve what’s left of our beloved planet. 744 more words


Microsoft is starting to deliver the means for less expensive Software Currency

Both Microsoft and Enterprises share a desire to reduce the cost of software currency and upgrades. Enterprises, to avoid the $1000 per seat average cost of upgrading from XP to Windows 7 next time around , and the constant battle of trying to find the funding to keep Server OS, Exchange,  Sharepoint, etc current…..and MIcrosoft because they need to firms to consume new versions and features in order for the Microsoft value proposition to remain relevant and competitive. 638 more words

Consumerization of Analytics - In the Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happyness is a 2006 American film about Chris Garner’s struggle, very beautifully portrayed on screen by Will Smith and a cherubic Jaden Smith. 707 more words


Ah, I wish Mobile Strategy was as simple as EAM and a container

I was getting pretty comfortable with the idea that Mobility practice was coalescing around a Workspace/container that could deliver a strong set of collaboration applications and a business application ecosystem on any employee owned device. 394 more words

The Pundit's Prescription for Well Equipped Knowledge Workers

So nothing particularly new here but every few months I feel compelled to restate my belief  system around end users, devices they use to access enterprise data and applications, and I guess ultimately what we would call desktop strategy. 335 more words

The Workplace Evolution

We love technology. We all love our devices. But the question is whether we can use our personal devices at workplace be it our phone, tablets or laptop. 847 more words

Young Geeks

Consumerization of Analytics - May The Force Be With You!

I am simply amazed at the empowerment driven by the internet. What were until now, accepted as a “black box” problems, are now out in the open. 649 more words