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A Great Big Pragmatic Tax Idea From An Alumnus Entrepreneur

       An alumnus entrepreneur of our MBA program, Kevin Pelissier, recently brought up an interesting idea about how taxation could be improved. Given that it’s April 15, it seems appropriate to briefly share two big themes that emerged from the conversation. 454 more words

Editorial - Consumption tax rise, what is in it

Today (Apr 1) the consumption tax was raised in Japan from 5% to 8%. There is another rise planned for Oct 2015. Speaking about the rise today PM Abe stated: “This is needed in order to cover the social security expenses that are rising year by year. 306 more words


You won't believe what's at the end of this 4-hour line

April 1 marks the beginning of the new fiscal year in Japan, and this year it also marks a big change for Japan: the consumption tax jumped from 5% to 8% starting at midnight. 273 more words


Considering a Wealth Tax for the U.S.

What should a country do when it has

  • Massive accumulated debt and annual deficits predicted to grow indefinitely.
  • A rapidly growing population of retirees heavily dependent on expensive entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare.
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Wealth and Taxation

As I reported in my last blog post a few days ago, wealth inequality in the United States and the rest of the developed world is growing rapidly and is likely to get much worse in the foreseeable future.    376 more words

Jack Heidel

The Real Cost Of Taxes

Government, in order to do the people’s business, must pay for itself. Currently, we achieve this by a myriad of taxes such as:

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