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GE21001 Lecture 3: Economic Geography--Producers, Products, Places and Consumers

Please find below the lecture slides and related materials for Lecture 3 focusing on Economic Geography. We begin this area of human geography study by focusing on the concepts of ‘Producers, Products, Places and Consumers.’

GE21001 Lecture 3 Economic Geography 2014


Module 2 - Global Footprint More Earth's anyone?

My Global footprint was 3.5 earths. I was quite surprised as I am sure many of you were by your own results. It would appear I was average in my footprint, not the best at 1.6 nor the worst at 4.6. 257 more words

Module 2

Goodreads review: 1Q84

1Q84 by Haruki Murakami
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

1Q84 is a meandering work. It’s not a quick read, though that’s not because it’s difficult: rather, it’s because Murakami takes his time savouring plot elements. 444 more words



“Dear non-vegans, 99% of vegans grew up eating and using animals. We know all of your arguments (excuses) for why it’s your ‘right’ to continue participating in their exploitation and murder. 467 more words


Jacques Fresco: This Shit's Got to Go!

There is not much I can add to this, it pretty much speaks for itself.

“I’ve watched humanity set the stage for it’s own extinction. I’ve watched as the precious finite resources are perpetually wasted and destroyed in the name of profit and ‘free’ markets.

62 more words

Commentary on Grundrisse

“Distinctions Within a Unity” 

The first part of our reading dealt with production and the producing individual.  Marx highlights the historical “individual” and his dependency and belonging to a greater whole.   837 more words


Sex, Drugs and Bankrolls

No discussion of excess would be complete without recourse to that den of capitalist consumption; Wall Street. You are introduced through gateway stockbroker highs into Jordan Belfort’s wanton world as you become quickly hooked on his (ironically) commercially successful autobiography, The Wolf of Wall Street. 455 more words