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Goodreads review: Don't Look Now

Don’t Look Now by Daphne du Maurier
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I must admit my purchase of this book was dictated by the knowledge that its titular short story was the basis for Nic Roeg’s film Don’t Look Now – a favourite and one of the best weird films of the ’70s. 386 more words


Is it better to choose unconsciously?

When To Think Less About Your Choices

Smart people have a tendency to think hard about the choices they make. Who are you going to marry? 122 more words

Behavioral Economics

Trashed, A Film.

This is a spellbinding documentary.   It covers not only waste and consumption but many related issues such as bioaccumulation and the effect of plastics on marine life.  147 more words


If everyone lived like me, we would need another planet

If everyone lived like me, we would need 1.9 planets. It’s a sobering thought. The marvels of science have yet to locate a suitable extra planet, let alone worked out how to plunder it in good time on my behalf. 494 more words

Module 2

Less is more or getting rid of the clutter in your life

For the past few days I have been more or less intensely devoted to cleaning. But not cleaning in terms of scrubbing my floors or doing the laundry or anything like that. 610 more words

Can fast-food restaurants make money with healthy food?

Burger King Stores Discontinue Satisfries as Sales Fizzle

Lower-fat French fries won’t be sold anymore in most Burger King (BKW) restaurants. About two-thirds of Burger King Worldwide Inc. 110 more words

Behavioral Economics

23. Some interesting quotes

Just a few of the really interesting quotes from the materials I have read over the last few weeks:

“Since 1950 alone, the world’s people have consumed more goods and services than the combined total of all humans who have ever walked the planet” (Tilford 2000) 374 more words