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It’s a site for detectives, who collect information and sold it and also can work as bounty hunters

My lifelong dream is to be a genius detective and to make detectives club or agency not in my country only but all over the world so I make this site (TWWDA – The Worldwide Detective Agency) if you see yourself a detective come and join us and by the way my name is Bishoy you can call me Spike, my homeland is Egypt… 51 more words

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Comment, request the Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE “White Paper” or order the “Book.” Order the book and its complementary play, … 32 more words

Best Time For Surgical Hair Restoration

Before deciding on a hair transplant it is important to understand the limitations of the procedure, for example how much hair have you lost and how much hair can be safely removed from your donor area… 370 more words

Swiss Hair Clinic

Coordinating A Hair Transplant Procedure

There are many aspects to be considered when performing surgical hair restoration, and it is important that the medical team are well versed, work efficiently and as a team for the well-being of the patient… 411 more words

Swiss Hair Clinic

What Graft Count Is Required?

An important concept to surgical hair restoration is to use the minimum amount of follicular units or grafts to treat the surface area, whilst maintain a natural coverage and density; this ensures good donor management and good for the patient´s pocket… 463 more words

Swiss Hair Clinic

Hair Graft Extraction And Care

The first technical aspect of hair transplantation is the extraction of the follicular units from the donor area, either by FUE, Follicular Unit Extraction or FUT Follicular Unit Transplant techniques. 467 more words

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