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Danger of Suicide


Statistically speaking not every depressed person thinks about suicide but almost every suicide attempt is by someone that could be diagnosed with depression.  Suicide attempts considered a cry for help or a feeling of hopelessness or or an ending to the never ending nightmare or several different reasons.   857 more words


To write or not to write?

That is the fucking question.


I don’t know how often I asked myself that question already. A million times? Probably more often… In our age, it would be more appropriate to ask “To text or not to text?” or in my specific case: “To whatsapp or not to whatsapp?” 664 more words

Hoofd, hart en je huilende baby

Geen geluid dat je dieper in je ziel raakt dan het huilen van een baby. En dat is niet voor niets! Het huilen van een baby is een alarmsignaal, en is bedoeld om snel iemand te laten komen. 211 more words


San Ramon Web Designer - Contact (925) 394-4875 - YouTube

http://www.sanramonwebdesigner.com/ Call (925) 394-4875 for the San Ramon Web Designer. Free Consultation. Web design discounts for local businesses. Satisfa…

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Four ways to make it harder for clients to contact you

Back in the old days, before voice mail, call waiting, even before answering machines, people could use a little trick to let preferred callers reach them. 705 more words

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