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The Pathetic Trainer

It’s been almost six months since I started this new job at the maternity hospital. So much to tell, with so little time available. It is this fact, the lack of time available for reading/writing/having fun, that is haunting me. 481 more words


Turning Inwardly

We’ve come through yet another long snowy period here in Maine, and it’s not over, with a couple more storms on the immediate horizon. I’ve written before about winter being a time of drawing in and pulling the emotional covers more tightly against myself, and yesterday was another example of that. 418 more words


in may, I contemplated what

it was all about— the stars

that shone the universe and

which amongst those bright

dots connect with me;

communes with me in this… 63 more words


"Contemplative Evening"

Seated in comfort and warmth,
eyeing the flames of the fire’s dancing sparks,
she rests, drinking her cozy, bergamot laced tea

Wrapped in blanketed velvet, 106 more words


Today will never happen again....

It became apparant to me today that I will never pass this way again.
I will not go through this day again, I’ve finished its hours and minutes and they are now confined to history. 77 more words



I was talking to a friend about ‘planning’ & this thought came to mind… ‘Don’t let fear masquerade as planning’.

I have had many occasions in life where I would plan & plan & plan some more. 53 more words

Our Current Situation!

Who wouldn’t like to be happy?
The desire for happiness is one of the most powerful fuels that drive human life. Yet how many people could say they ever really achieve it? 3,051 more words