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Live, and Let Live

This is your life, and it is yours alone. You have complete freedom over your actions, as long as this freedom does not hinder someone else’s. 343 more words



Go back to the beginning; examine the child even in the arms of his mother; see the exterior world reflected for the first time in the still dark mirror of his intellect; contemplate the first examples that catch his eye; listen to the first words that awaken his slumbering powers of thought; finally, witness the first struggles that he has to sustain. 282 more words


The Salesman is Talking

Is aspiring toward a dream career a marketing tool? Is it a sales pitch we all buy?

Does a “career” offer us benefits and enhance our reputations the same way a Rolex guarantees social prestige? 32 more words


10 Tips To Contemplate When Acquiring Property Products From Thrift Shops

We had been speaking about DIY stuffs and furnishings makeovers and I am positive that you have observed that we have encouraged you to acquire stuffs from thrift merchants. 24 more words

“Creativity is hard to find,” said no one ever. You just have to know where to look. In a few words, it’s all around us. Filmmakers Charles Frank and  163 more words

True value of a coin

I found this scout coin, still in its plastic covering, lying in my box of collectibles.

It is a beautiful coin. On the back it says, “Secretly transfer me to your right pocket each day after your good turn has been done”. 342 more words



Meditation is the soul’s perspective glass.

(Owen Feltham)