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True value of a coin

I found this scout coin, still in its plastic covering, lying in my box of collectibles.

It is a beautiful coin. On the back it says, “Secretly transfer me to your right pocket each day after your good turn has been done”. 342 more words



Meditation is the soul’s perspective glass.

(Owen Feltham)


Down The Literal Drain

Is it sheer desperation when you start replying to your friend’s “What’s up’s” with “the fan? /the ceiling?/ god?” (for the pious ones).

Is that the end of the road for your weary sense of humor? 234 more words


Discipleship Journal Reading Plan: Day 154 (NT)

Day 154~ Luke 1:39-56; Ephesians 2:1-10; Psalms 119:17-24; 1 Kings 4-5

Old Testament here.

Luke 1:39-56: My translation says “at that time”. Does that mean Mary  361 more words

Reading Plan: Discipleship Journal (2014)

Quickie Update

There is so much to say.
So many events to recount, so many blessings to make note of. Stories of Casanova and Enigma, of Next Lifetime and Mint Condition… 159 more words


A Move in Progress

Boxes and lists surround me couple of weeks before I move

from my Houston apartment back to my house in Austin.

Obviously the days of this month are diminishing, but new items on the lists continue to appear. 175 more words


contemplate: you are no longer students at the College of the Holy Cross

Graduation day was not a day that I wanted to celebrate. Looking back on it now, it was possibly the most depressing way to end my four years at Holy Cross. 508 more words