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watching grey's anatomy, and other ways i've been wasting time...

there.  i’ve admitted it.  i’m totally addicted to ‘grey’s anatomy’.  i mean how can i not get sucked into wondering if spritely little meredith is going to end up with dr. 956 more words


When Contemplating, Doodle

Whether analyzing a legal issue or bemoaning the interminably slow pace of the justice system, the #lawyernerd doodles.


Deep Thought Processes

Hello everyone!

Let me first start by saying thanks to all of you that have followed us so far.  I’ll be honest, I’m not too sure why you would want to follow when all we have demonstrated so far is that we can ramble on about random things yet magically make it substantial and somehow extract meaning from overly photogenic animals but hey, if that’s your thing then feel free to stay.   1,851 more words



maze of shadows and a burgundy skyline

the air is sucked by the stale sticks nigh

tweaks of the branches keep you awake

the hot breathes of wolves help you shake… 95 more words


Scary contemplations

I’m afraid now. Afraid that the power I posses is also a curse in a sense. I can’t help but think that the day I don’t dream, my life is over. 250 more words

Satan: No Respecter of Tragedies

I am reminded constantly in life how Jesus is not a respecter of persons, He shows no favoritism, nor is He concerned with the things that we become concerned with when sizing people up . 417 more words


The stains in this glass like stars on a galactic veil

Brushed forth swiftly like the end it will be

Choirs of voices pierce the stricken air… 104 more words