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All things happen for a Reason

Something I learned -again- today. God allows everything to happen for a reason, even if they are reasons we can’t precieve. Even if what happened to us seems bad. 310 more words


In Between Times

I’m sitting at my writing desk watching dawn arrive over the lake on a cold, rainy morning. Almost an hour ago I said good-bye to my mother as she headed for the airport with a driver. 159 more words


What Are Your Measurements?


July is now August. How did that happen?
Well, we humans like to measure things, don’t we?
We measure time, success, space, circumference, failure, our waistline… 951 more words


Short of Life, indeed

Life is short. I know.
Yet I am still distracted by many unnecessary things. What about my dream board? Progressive, but slow. That reminds me that life’s too short to be wasted. 15 more words



No other way to express this other than the changes I’ve been going through since this year began. As we enter into the final third as well as final quarter of 2014 come September, I am tempted to do a year in review, but I’m gonna wait until the year’s end for that! 425 more words

Accidental Trail Run

The other day I was scheduled for a long run, the longest of this training season so far, and I wasn’t looking forward to it. I’m up at the lake and as beautiful as it is up here, there are few quiet shaded roads that go for miles and miles. 620 more words


SO I managed to get out of bed

On days like today this is actually a major feat.  So I decided what I really needed was to get my ass out of the house, not just out of bed. 252 more words