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Spiritual Experiences

We have a spiritual experience in knowing and being touched by something much larger than us, something beyond what we understand, something of mysterious dimensions. It can happen as we stand on the banks of an ageless river, listen to beautiful music, read scripture, or say a prayer with a friend. 56 more words


Stillness of the Soul

Two three day weekends (thanks to a UK holiday followed by a US holiday) and a delay in the lovely process of bureaucracy has resulted in me landing in Kenya three days ago while my fiancé waits in London for his passport to be returned. 643 more words


Hidden Trails of the Oak City

Recently, I’ve returned to doing a lot of biking around my city of Raleigh. Summer heat makes for unpleasant rides, so once the temperatures cool and the weather starts preparing for Autumn, I take to the greenways and trails. 69 more words


Travel and self

Tomorrow morning I set off on a usual get away to Ft. Lauderdale FL. I go there often, sometimes with my better half and sometimes without. 582 more words


Birthed Into Life Through Suffering and Forgiveness

Healing the Brokenhearted

I highly doubt I’d be for anyone, or even kind to myself,  if I hadn’t any suffering in life.

I’d be like that guy I studied with in Ireland, who at twenty years old looked at me and said with a glazed stare, “Nothing negative has ever happened to me.” 4,388 more words


Fearsome Music

Led Zeppelin

I am, and as long as I can remember been, a Led Zeppelin fan. This tune is titled The Ocean. It is definitely one of my favorites. 149 more words


Trust That Feeling in Your Gut

The longer we stay clean, the less surely we “know” what our Higher Power’s will for us is – and the less it matters. Knowledge of our Higher Power’s will becomes less a “knowing” thing and more a “feeling” thing. 137 more words