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Contemplation: July Apotheosis

I pour coffee into each offering tray before the sun rises. Later in the day, I sprinkle tobacco and a rose-herb mix into the smallest bowl, breaking cigarettes into the other. 1,012 more words


We Keep Changing

Each day it helps us to remember that we are always changing. Whatever is most clear to us today or is most prominent in our feelings – the difficulties we may be having with parents, wives or lovers, the worries we have about our children – is a part of an unfolding of events we cannot foresee. 103 more words


A month of thinking

I’ve been on vacation for the last two weeks. A much needed, finally restful vacation. I’m one of those people who tends to use their day off when it comes (excepting vacations) to take care of some items in my private life that I’ve been ignoring, instead of just relaxing. 261 more words


Relationships and Our Addiction

Love is like an elixir for some of us. The excitement of a new lover, the intrigue of exploring intimacy, the sense of release we get from allowing ourselves to become vulnerable – these are all powerful emotions. 140 more words


The Fag

Dense smoke; White puffs rising and mingling into the air, becoming one with it, amalgamating themselves to look as pure as the air itself, our rather, making it all impure. 621 more words

Random Thoughts.

On Saturdays, slavery and spiritual evolution

The proverbial Monday morning blues. I’ve got somethin’ that can top ‘em

The first day of the weekend. Saturdays in conventional workweeks but for me Mondays since weekends are the busiest at the hotel and it’s full staff on. 880 more words


The Giving of Yourself

Having sympathy and compassion for all who are in temptation, a condition which we are sometimes in, we have a responsibility towards them. Sympathy always includes responsibility. 136 more words