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This Is Enough...

Accepting the present as it is; regardless of how good, bad or boring it may appear….This is enough.

Our gentle acceptance of (not necessarily our approval of) the current situation, helps relax the desire to return to our past personal history to find justification for the present. 98 more words


Life Could Be Simple

Life would be much easier if we could let go of the past.

That is in fact, our main task. To release our basic ideas about life based on past experiences and perceptions. 81 more words


Contemplation: Devotion

What is devotion?
My devotional activities give me strength, a constant reminder of how They are in my life. The smallness and mundanity of some of the activities may make it seem like they are not worthy of the Gods, but I know they are. 1,013 more words


My Self-Worth

I am an individual. I am unique. I am special. Today I am able to enjoy my difference. I do not need to hide in alcohol, food or drugs. 102 more words


Distortion of the Will of the People

Whoever accepts the classical doctrine of democracy and in consequence believes that the democratic method is to guarantee that issues be decided and policies framed according to the will of the people must be struck by the fact that, even if that will were undeniably real and definite, decision by simple majorities would in many cases distrot it rather than give effect to it.  48 more words


From poverty to promise in a "short" (not really) six years.

Location, location, location!

For the love of location, I’m in (a) Arizona and (b) Prescott!

The hows would make for interesting reading. Another time perhaps. 526 more words


Power To Do The Next Right Thing

We are powerless over our addictions, whether liquor, pills, people, food. We are powerless over the outcome of all events involving us. And we are powerless over the lives of our friends and family members. 123 more words