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Righteousness seems a sterile, overused, old fashioned sort of word nowadays. However, the more time I have devoted to working on my relationship with my Creator, the more beautiful this word seems to me. 202 more words


A Sip of Hinduism

Continuing my interfaith studies at the Chaplaincy Institute, I attended a module on Hinduism this month. I loved it, and find myself more confused about what Hinduism is than before I went. 438 more words

Finished product

The cakes are ready!

My gratitude today is for my wonderful old kitchen in my 1920 California craftsman home. Complete with a top of the line vintage 1946 Gaffers & Sattler stove. 111 more words



My third favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. The reason I love it so much is that my first two holidays celebrate our salvation but this third one celebrates all of the extras He gives us in life- family being the biggest. 293 more words


Simple Life

Life seems complex because the enemy hurls distraction upon distraction at us all the time. It seems chaotic, but that is gorilla smoke in actuality. The truth of the matter is that God made life to be simple. 316 more words


Ibu Guru Kasih

Desa Tegaljadi, akhir dekade 1980an

Sepeda tua itu melaju dengan tersendat, dikayuh seorang anak kecil berusia belum sepuluh tahun. Keringatnya mengucur deras, tubuh kecilnya ditikam terik matahari. 707 more words

Geodesi UGM

Now be honest with me...

Was I bad for posting about my seat mate on the last fight as we sat waiting at the gate?

Was I bad that I made him get up twice so I could use the restroom? 224 more words