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Ray Bradbury and the Freedom to Imagine

Do you ever stop to consider the the concept of intellectual property?

I just started working at Starbucks last week. Before my first day, I was given several little books of guidelines and policies to go over. 205 more words


Is that all there is?

There’s an old Peggy Lee song named Is That All There Is?

I remember as a youth I disliked that tune. I found it defeating, depressing and frankly hopeless. 316 more words


Twins. Well, Kind of.

While illustrating the Imaginaut, my plans grew from wanting to create something for MY children, to wanting to create something for ALL children. Ultimately, I hope to one day make a living writing, but I knew very early on that I didn’t (and don’t) want to make that living with this book, or any other book that I write for this foundation. 585 more words


The Illustrations

I’ll say this right out the gate, illustrating a children’s book is HARD! In a way, it’s sort of like writing. You might see (or read) something done so well that you’re inspired and think, I can do that! 612 more words


Hunter S. Thompson Essay. "Open Letter To The Youth Of Our Nation" 1955

I love the sarcasm portrayed by Hunter S. Thompson in this letter to the youth. It certainly represents many of the sentiments I’ve felt towards the attitudes of those in authority. 121 more words



I was going through some of my old poetry and came across this fellow. I wrote this in 2011 and it’s intriguing to look back on something I created with so much passion at the time. 412 more words


Great Documentary on Big Pharma!

I stumbled upon this video thanks to a friend. It is pertaining to basically everything that is going on around the U.S obsession with pharmaceuticals. Specifically psychotropic drugs. 124 more words