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When the universe pushes us another direction

Recently, oh say about a month ago, the universe pushed me. It unexpectedly pushed me hard. It hurt. I wasn’t expecting it as I thought things were ok. 380 more words


how sweet the scent of peace!

You know when you’re facing a challenging situation? And it’s got you down or angry or confused or all of the above.

And the resolution’s unknown or unclear or out of reach, adding to the weightiness of the situation. 1,046 more words


Missing parts in other places Part 1

At times it feels like if death has become to friendly with my loved ones. It seems intent on taking those I love for a stroll that lasts eternity. 659 more words


Noble philosophy

Weather you believe in a god, are agnostic or atheist…what a good way to live and live a good life. I choose a good life.


The New Snake Oil Salesmen

I have noticed the recent rise in popularity of the skeptic debater as a new intellectual hero to some, revered nearly on the level of ministers or humanitarians of yesteryear. 1,060 more words

Consciousness And Wisdom

The Frailty of Genius

It is said that the frailty of genius is its need for an audience… that is no more a weakness of genius than it is for anyone; the need to be acknowledged and related to is common to every man, woman and child. 293 more words


Credo Ut Intelligam (I believe in order to understand)

Come now, insignificant man, leave behind for a time your pre-occupations; seclude yourself for a while from your disquieting thoughts. Turn aside now from heavy cares, and set aside your wearisome tasks.

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