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Recent Thoughts on Gain; Loss

Hello friends,

I’ve been thinking a bit about gain and loss, or more specifically the fear of loosing what one has gained.

I’m certain the Buddha spoke of this fear more than once, but my memory recalls most clearly a the instance when it was mentioned in the  514 more words


Street corner wisdom

Living in the city, or anywhere for that matter, we have graffiti. Once in a while it will have a good message. This one has been popping up in odd yet very visible places around my neighborhood recently. 74 more words


Cultural Conundrums

How do you do it? I mean really? How do you live the day to day in a culture different from your own without losing your sense of self? 831 more words


Gone private

I’m missing a friend. A blogger buddy that I popped in on most every day. He posted last week a warning that he had been hacked and not to open any e mails from him. 172 more words


About Me & My Blog

I’m a lover of synchronicity.  I see it everywhere.  When I recently prayed for a little help from the Universe, it answered me with a barrage of synchronicity. 299 more words

30 Day Challenge

Coming Soon!!

I’m really looking forward to starting this blog. See you all very soon!!

30 Day Challenge

Not a fan...

Sitting with pen and pad,

regurgitating thoughts had and yet to come

curious about what the future holds

bold in my thoughts

but not in my actions… 144 more words