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Loneliness Transformed Into Solitude

Knowing our loneliness and admitting it to us is the beginning of a spiritual path for many of us. Today we are on a spiritual journey. 125 more words


How Do We See Ourselves

At some point in our recovery, we come to the awkward realization that the way we see ourselves is not necessarily the way others do. We are probably neither as bad, as good, as beautiful, or as ugly as we think we are – but we are too close to ourselves to really tell for sure. 180 more words


Fearsome Mindset.....

I believe we can change our mindset. I believe all of us do at times. Sometimes for the better and sometimes not. Attitude is in the definition and is obviously part of it, but why do we sometimes get stuck and stay with a rigid mindset? 173 more words


The Art of Listening

I think it goes without saying that we are a generation on information overload; the warning bell has been ringing so long and so loud that we don’t even hear it any more.   637 more words


Wind For Your Sails: Encouragement for all "Lifestyle Learners"

In The Beginning 

When I first began “home schooling”, with seven (mostly) stressful years of teaching in the public school system behind me, God placed around us life-giving people to help guide and direct our steps. 2,648 more words


The Storms of Life

We are not offered a painless existence, but we are offered opportunities for gathering perspective from the painful moments. And our perspectives are cushioned by the principles of the program. 92 more words


And now for a word

Entry 8/21/2014 7:16:53 PM – Mentat 707

This is just a quick note to inform subscribers and casual readers that I’m still alive and doing remarkably well in the world (all things considered), but in the time that I’ve been assisting my mother around the house since she broke her ankle because of the dog (as talked about in… 291 more words

Life Or Something Like It