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My pixie (elf if you prefer)

He doesn’t have a name, never has. I’ve had him on my own tree since I was about 5. My mom bought me a little 2 ft tree that I had as my own in my room. 213 more words


Poor Eyesight

When we can not see, God can. When we do not know the future, God does. When we can not see why people continue to hurt us over and over despite telling them how you hurt, God sees it and cares about you and loves you through it. 80 more words


[Guest Post] Reunion 2014

Reunion celebrates the final stage of one of the Laetha and the Dierne’s mythic arcs, wherein the two deities Рhaving been painfully separated for some time Рare finally reunited as a couple. 1,141 more words


Fasting with Prayer

The idea that we neglect a basic human need and abandon that need that gives us strength in order to seek strength and greater intimacy with the God of the universe is beautiful. 300 more words



I believe in Miracles.

I don’t believe I randomly came out of no where. If I did come randomly out of no where, I believe it’s a miracle that the randomness created me. 605 more words



I feel crazy,

words, words,words,

coming from everywhere inside.

Jumbled, stopped, lost,

I can’t catch them,

Form them to something


Too many words shouting together.

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The Great Power Within

I am very strong… for a girl. People tell me that. Physically, God made me a mesomorph, which basically means that even breathing builds muscle. If I were a guy, that would be a sexy characteristic. 473 more words