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Book Review – “Mona Lisa: The Carlingford Chronicles, Part I”

I really don’t consider myself to be a huge fan of romance novels, so when I was first approached about writing this review I’ll admit I had my hesitations. 358 more words


Evading Jesus: Christians and Violence

Brian Zahnd recently wrote a blog post titled You Cannot Be Christian and Support Torture that went viral within the evangelical sub-culture. The post generated a lot of conversation, including a lot of disagreement. 546 more words


Christian Flash Weekly - "Sovereign"

Dr. Truett Brady moved slowly down the narrow corridor of the spacecraft, pausing every so often to let his stomach recover from its queasiness. The medics had offered to place him in stasis for the first week or so of the journey, warning that the effects of hyperspace travel could be severe, but Brady had declined. 969 more words


Television Review – “VeggieTales in the House”

My wife and I are always on the lookout for good television programs for our children to watch, and actually finding these is not always easy! 465 more words

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Preferred Ignore-ance?

Paul Valéry, the French symbolist poet, likened the process of comprehension to a man crossing an abyss on a rickety plank. “If he rushes confidently across, then all will be well. 20 more words

Christianity In An Age of Religious Pluralism

Perhaps you’ve heard of Duck Dynasty. I’m a fan. I’ve not seen every episode but I’ve seen a bunch. Besides the humorous adventures of the Robertson clan, the fact that I minister with a Church of Christ and that there’s enough red-neck still in me keeps my interest. 801 more words


Engaging In A Culture War

Whatever you think about the current state of American culture, it’s clear that Christianity no longer has the influence it once had. There isn’t any use in becoming upset about it or complaining about it because that will change very little, if anything. 801 more words