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Amidst Racism, Wars, and Other Afflictions: What Says the Church?

It’s a predictable script. When something terrible happens, such as the police-shooting death of one unarmed Michael Brown or the recently release of a video showing the beheading of missing American journalist James Foley, people become indignant. 820 more words

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Being Church In A Burning World

I want to mention three recent events, two of which you are already aware of unless you just crawled out of a cave and another issue that many of you are unfortunately all too familiar with. 894 more words

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Those Unhelpful Labels!

What kind of Christian do you consider yourself? A liberal or conservative? Perhaps a progressive or traditionalist? Maybe you consider yourself a fundamentalist or one of those “spiritual but not religious” Christians. 488 more words

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Bottling Abstract Concepts – Pollock’s “Autumn Rhythm”

Take a moment to gaze at this painting and try to answer this question: “What is this piece of art about?”

Stumped? Don’t feel bad…ever since Jackson Pollock painted… 413 more words

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Don't point that finger at me!

The media blames violent tragedies on easy access to guns. Gun rights supporters blame violent movies. Those in the movie industry blame them on the fame created by the media. 102 more words


Thinking Pink: Why My Daughter Thinks I'm "One of the Girls”

When I was a kid I made a striking discovery: when it comes to desserts, pink always tastes better. Because of this, I became partial to strawberry ice cream, watermelon Jolly Ranchers, pink Starbursts, pink jellybeans, and my recent favorite: a heavenly snow cone called “The Barbie.” 595 more words

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What If Our Churches...?

Maybe it’s time to admit that we’re broken! As Christians, we live in a culture that appears increasingly secular and uninterested in the gospel our churches have to offer… and maybe we just don’t have as much of that gospel to offer as we would like to believe. 404 more words

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