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LinkedIn Post 2: 5 Key Ingredients That Make Great Restaurant Wine Lists

Following requests from my peers and industry colleagues, in this LinkedIn post I shared the important factors to keep in mind while compiling wine lists for restaurants. 67 more words

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Sailing Off Foley..er...Folly Beach

Folly Beach is a city, located on historic Folly Island, in Charleston County, South Carolina, United States. Foley Beach is the new Archbishop of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA). 1,082 more words


“Isbiru Wasawbiru Warawbitu”

By Rehana Shah Bulbulia

A Thousand screams pierce the night
Peaceful slumber comes to Gaza no more
Not many homes remain alight
Everything and everyone are now casualties of war… 213 more words

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E-Cigarettes: Abstinence or Alternative Addiction?

Many of us are no stranger to the feeling of when, being slightly tardy on our return from the mid-lecture break, during which we barely managed to squeeze in a quick few drags, you slither into your seat soundlessly and cringe as everyone in your row sniffs at the odour that has accompanied your arrival, greeting you with short, sharp glare. 848 more words


Israel, Egypt linked in Scripture

(Updated with links and tweets at the end.)

Obama 'deeply concerned' over Gaza politi.co/1yEFWDB | AP Photo http://t.co/H8EZTs1J9c
POLITICO (@politico) July 19, 2014

Sounds good, but…

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Contemporary Issues: Globalization and America

As modern globalization continues to yield increased cross-border commercial activity and the establishment of cross-boarder production systems, distribution networks and financial markets, the American government continues to simultaneously act as the harbinger, primary referee and eventual victim of this process. 621 more words


A Congress of Catholics

Several days ago, I returned from the combined meetings of the Fellowship of Concerned Churchmen (some of the folks who brought you the Affirmation of St. 1,058 more words