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Cromnibus: a Case Study in American Oligarchy

When the political establishment in Washington D.C. reaches a consensus on an issue, it’s usually a bad sign for the general population. The last-minute passage of an omnibus budget deal (the so-called “cromnibus” bill) by the House of Representatives and, subsequently, the Senate last week is a prime example. 1,126 more words


Pre-Holiday Lesson Plans for the Days Before Break: The Year in Review, My Favorite Things, and Current Events

So I thought, since (of course) the expectation is that we’re conducting meaningful activities and learning in our classrooms through the 23rd (despite pep rallies and holiday parties and other distractions), that I would compile some options that might take the thinking/research/planning off of your plate after benchmarks are completed. 602 more words

Time for a Great Cartoon! (research!)

Do you enjoy doing research?  Somehow in our educational process, many people loathe research, investigation, study of a subject in-depth.  One of my favorite courses that I teach at Columbia International University Seminary and School of Ministry (we have very large bumper stickers) is called “Theological Methods and Issues.” 106 more words


Understanding the Thorny Issue of Yahweh's Commands to Destroy the Canaanites in the Book of Joshua: Preliminary Considerations


Recently this blogger has been engaging off and on with skeptics who have great issue with the texts of the Old Testament Book of Joshua wherein Yahweh commands Joshua and the Hebrews to destroy the Canaanites. 1,477 more words

Contemporary Issues

A Tortured Report

Since its formation in 1947, as the successor organization to the WWII-era Office of Strategic Services, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been crafting and implementing those aspects of the United States’, and in particular the White House’s, foreign policy too unsavory and/or illegal to be publicly discussed or even acknowledged. 1,301 more words


Article Review: Narratives Empowering Teachers and Students

Joyce Barakett & Elizabeth Sacca (2002) discussed the importance of student storytelling in order to help him/her develop a critical consciousness and ultimately assert his/her sense of agency. 289 more words

Critical Perspectives

My Documentary on Paris Syndrome

In November 2012 I travelled to Paris to investigate and film the above documentary on Paris Syndrome – a tourism issue that affects not only Paris but other large cities.

Hope you enjoy it!

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