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The Museum of Abandoned Secrets

The Museum of Abandoned Secrets by Oksana Zabuzhko

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

wow, feels like weeks since i wrote a book review… possibly because this book is 30 hours of audio. 375 more words

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Earendel sprang up from the Ocean’s cup

To celebrate 2014’s Hobbit Week here is an article written by John Garth for The Guardian where he discusses how a poem about Earendel written by Tolkien in 1914 would come to be Middle-Earth’s creational myth. 37 more words

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D. G. Myers R. I. P.

One of our best critics.  Did I agree with him about all matters literary and political?  Certainly not!  But I always looked forward to reading him.   1,057 more words


The Not So Beautiful Side of Paris

I haven’t wanted to cry after finishing a novel in a very long time. I don’t know if my emotional, visceral response to the novel I just finished should be attributed to the plot, or to the characters, or to the setting, that lovely, bright city of Paris which I recently visited and feel strangely homesick for at this moment.  980 more words

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Licentia out now

‘I read Licentia as a poetic novel — A literary experiment in time and story. A. A. Walker has dexterously met the exciting challenge of expressing the inexpressible.’  — … 138 more words

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Book review newsletter - Q3 2014

“I guess there are never enough books.” ~ John Steinbeck

Wholeheartedly agree with Steinbeck. :) In the last 3 months, I remained loyal to my favourite authors and read a few more of their books along with some new ones. 588 more words


[687] The Natural Order of Things - Kevin P. Keating

” There are too many moral crusaders in the world, each with an equally improbable scheme to lead a man to salvation, a million cures for a million vices—through prayer, repentance, self-flagellation—but when he looks through the portal that separates reality from the hereafter, de Vere sees not the treasures of heaven but the fiery pools of hell. 510 more words