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Module 6

After being a journalist major, time after time I heard people say that I would never get a job.  Despite writing being everywhere, the rise of social media has all but destroyed print journalism.   412 more words

Week 5

Related Article: I picked the article “What Makes for a Successful Infographic?” because I like infographics and it reminded me of information organization and entertainment as information in chapter 3. 528 more words

Week 05

1. My dominant method of retrieving information by needs is Charles Atkin. He defines it as “a state of uncertainty and the information seeker’s knowledge state, externalities, and the new knowledge state desired” (FOIS 44). 205 more words

Week 5



The article I chose is titled, “Can Europe go its own way on data privacy?” This article is found on the Internet, but it is also an App, called… 1,382 more words

Week 5

1) “Infotainment” is something that I use a lot. It makes sense, using entertainment to learn something. It is my favorite type of receiving information. (Fois pg 43) Information need is termed as an anomalous state of knowledge (Fois pg 45) I also practice salience when looking up information. 160 more words

Week 5

I chose a recent editorial article from Vice entitled “Google Should Have Left Search Spam Alone.” The author believes Google’s intent when blocking out unwanted spam was good. 332 more words

Week 5


This article is relevant to our readings from this week because it focuses on content farms and what it means for our future. It talks about how consumers are going to want more quality in their content, not just a lot of content for the sake of having content.   394 more words