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Older adults want you to stop calling them "elderly" and "senior citizens."

A recent NPR survey asked 2,700 older Americans about terms used to describe aging and older adults.

Terms they liked:

Why We Are Hiring for a New Content Role (and You Should Too)


This person was tasked with gaining an amazingly in-depth understanding of all the current content assets owned by the organization (i.e., no outside content gets factored in). 177 more words


Rising to the Content Management Challenge

Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV-related Concerns and How It Affects eCommerce

Digital Vantage Point specifically caters to companies using Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV (formerly Navision). We build for… 631 more words


When brand and culture collide: Adidas X Marina Abramović

We ought to be excited when we saw this video. Commissioned by Adidas, designed to be coincide with the World Cup season, it featured an artistic interpretation of the brand’s ongoing “All In or Nothing” proposition. 521 more words


Worldwide Medical Costs Declining (in part) Thanks to XML!

OK – maybe the recently reported, substantial drop in worldwide medical costs isn’t entirely due to XML publishing technologies…but it’s one good example. All across the healthcare industries, companies and providers are adopting new methods and technologies that are helping them reduce cost and – finally – contain runaway expenses. 149 more words

Tackle the 3 Most Challenging Areas of Building a Global Content Operation

Global content marketing is a big topic. It comes up at every content marketing event I attend, and it involves a lot of moving pieces and people—not to mention multiple languages, regions, and timezones.  995 more words