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Becoming the Trusted Advisor

As the world continues to change as does the role of the salesperson. In many ways the transformation of the sales team (and its members) is the most important transformation in any organisation for as we all know “nothing happens until someone sells something”.  741 more words


6 tips for taking beautiful Instagram photos

So you’re at an event and live posting on social media. But wait! Before you post everything you’ve got onto Instagram consider this article from… 305 more words


Brasseur: Florence Nightingale; Passionate Statistician

Brasseur, Lee. “Florence Nightingale’s Visual Rhetoric in the Rose Diagrams.” Technical Communication Quarterly 14.2 (2005): 161-82. Print.

Brasseur illuminates how effective Florence Nightingale was as a rhetorician in order to force health improvements in military hospitals during the Victorian era. 285 more words


Progressive Nanaimo

I left Vancouver Island seven years ago to return Calgary for career purposes.  I grow up in Calgary.  I have lived in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax but I have continually returned to Calgary.   897 more words

Terry Wiens