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Proven Best Practices Drive Social Media Success

Learn How to Create Experiences Instead of Content

Insight  ⇒  Social Success is Driven by a Few Key Strategies

The success of Social Media  campaigns is driven by close adherence to key best practices that have proven to increase traffic, drive participation and achieve engagement rates 5-10X’s industry benchmarks. 285 more words

Social Media

Why is SEO so important in growing your business ?

Growing your business Web presence with SEO



The virtual landscape of the Internet becomes more crowded and more competitive every day and almost all business activities has been carrying out through it and the way we search and get found online matter a lot.  745 more words

Digital Marketing

Converged media - how owned, paid and earned media can work together

If you have worked in communication or marketing you are probably familiar with thinking about the media landscape in terms of owned, paid and earned media. 1,104 more words

Content Marketing

How Brands are Becoming Media Companies Through Strategy, Publishing, and Amplification

The consumer decision journey has changed forever and therefore so has media.

Consumers now expect brands to be where they are, when they are, in the format they expect, and on the device they are using at the time. 1,608 more words


Suncorp's "wow factor" loan misses one thing...the "wow factor"!

Don’t you love marketing messages that make you think aloud, “I wish I did that” – like the Ole Lynggaard mailing I mentioned earlier this week. 801 more words


When a Cheesy Facebook Quiz Made Me Think Twice

I recently took a gimmicky Facebook quiz from Bitecharge (come on, we all do it) about the right career for me. While I’m not questioning my career, I don’t spend my afternoons taking quizzes, and I wasn’t about to let a tacky quiz confirm my life choices, I was intrigued. 664 more words


6 Ways To Start Selling E-Books

Your infopreneuring efforts begin often by writing and then selling e-books. Most writers are comfortable creating e-books, but when it comes to selling them, they get nervous and unsure. 18 more words

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