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Why Longform Is Coming Back Big Time?

Note: Before Content Marketing, I was a Content Writer. This is an old post but in 2015, with Google encouraging longform content, I think it still applies.
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Stories that buy us

We know that it is possible to sell with words and images.

Content marketing clearly is going to take a large share in the future marketing scope. 274 more words


How Writing About Boring Stuff Made Me a Better Writer – and Rich*

When I graduated from college with a Master’s Degree in Writing I was ready to write the Great American Novel, a few cover stories for Rolling Stone Magazine, and probably an Oscar-Winning independent film. 552 more words


When in doubt, throw it out

“When in doubt, throw it out.” My husband taught me this as I was peering all squinty-eyed into a package of lunch meat from our fridge. 792 more words

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A Word from Art Director, Alisa Longoria

Hi! My name is Alisa Longoria and I’m the Art Director at Velvet Cartel. I want to use today’s post to update our readers about what cool new things are currently happening at the VC offices. 271 more words

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Slideshow: Content for your Show Daily

A response often heard when CustomNEWS asks if a conference has a show daily: we don’t have enough news to share. That’s probably not the case at all. 80 more words


What Exactly is “Authentic”?

Authentic marketing – Isn’t that an oxymoron? Let’s face it historically the world of marketing has not been one where you would immediately relate truth with message. 243 more words

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