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Where is this going?

In May 2011, I started this blog with a post titled “What am I doing?” I was dipping my toe into the world of blogging, tentatively and curiously. 135 more words

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The Last Content Strategy Post You Need to Read

There are many excellent resources for content marketing: anything by Anne Hadley or C.C. Chapman (love Marketing Professionals); about everything put out by the… 251 more words

Content Marketing

Why your business should focus on content strategy in 2015

Google’s Panda algorithm has changed the game for digital marketers. Where once “SEO” was the buzzword of the day, “content strategy” now reigns supreme. With the recent release of… 111 more words

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Halfway there: Technical communication trends in the 2010s

In a couple of weeks we’ll have reached the midpoint of a decade. Five years ago we turned our calendars to 2010, and five years from now we’ll stand at the threshold of 2020. 533 more words

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Vine to The Sims: Call Me, Maybe?

Hey Sims, it’s me, Vine.

Remember when you came to visit for the first time back in May and you posted a video and lots of people looped it and liked it and revined it? 180 more words
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Under Armour’s ‘I Will What I Want’ Campaign: Please Sir, I Want Some More

“You lack the right feet, Achilles tendons, turnout, torso length and bust.”

“You have the wrong body for ballet.”

Confused with what I am talking about? 878 more words

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SharePoint upgrade plan

The list below is the order of tasks I proposed to the rest of the team involved with the SharePoint upgrade. Some members of the team don’t feel training is necessary, so I had to explain to them its value based on issues we’ve come across such as: 1) numerous employees say they don’t know how or when to use SharePoint, 2) most teams have abandoned their own SharePoint sites, libraries, and tools, 3) these teams spend a lot of time and money searching for new ways to track and share information among their own team and with our customers (thus creating an inconsistent customer experience…more on this later), and 4) employees and managers still often complain that they cannot find the documents they need.   372 more words