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Public Relations and the Social Media Revolution

Public Relations is essential to brand credibility. The shift from passive to interactive marketing medium has redefined the traditional business model. Now it is about finding the conversation sweet spot. 398 more words

Brand Credibility

The Perfect Curated Content

Found this through curata.com. (If you don’t follow curate start!)

This infographic spells curation out. Curation is a great way to find and publish content that is relevant to your client’s audience.


Media Strategy: The press release is dead!

Breaking news: The press release is dead. Or it should be.

If you still expect reporters, the general public or your key stakeholders to pay attention to your organization by sending out missives, well, 1980 is faxing you. 512 more words

Content Strategy

Rescue the Content.

Content is everywhere. Sometimes you just need to rescue it from it’s original state.

On every campus there are content pools—places where content lives and is waiting to be found. 405 more words


How Not to Fail at Content Marketing: Advice Backed by Research

There’s no shortage of advice on the Web. Heck, you can Google just about anything from how to dress your cat to how to raise a chicken farm. 615 more words

Content Marketing

As Cool as Content: Why Your Business Needs Content Marketing

Why does your business need a content marketing strategy?

I’m not going to spoon feed you here. I’m not going to treat you like some kind of Neanderthal who has wandered aimlessly into the 21st century and parked per chance in front of a computer. 875 more words


Content Marketing: Giving a Little to Get More

Content marketing is about giving potential customers different forms of media content that they want, in exchange for getting the opportunity to subtly market a brand, product, or service to them. 178 more words