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GE: Art of Money

Sure, content writing assignments can sometimes feel a little uninspiring. And that’s not because you often have to follow a very specific brief or write to a very specific audience (personally, I like the prescriptive element of content writing), it’s just that the subject matter can at times be a little, well, meh. 1,146 more words

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Blow your Trumpets the SEO way

Social media engagement is enough said these days. As a copywriter; what sets us into motion is getting into the thick of the digital marketing and promoting brands/products through social media content. 284 more words

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Monopoly: A short synopsis and its future.

A short synopsis and its future.

In 1903 an American woman, Elizabeth Maggie Phillips created the board game; ‘The Landlord’s Game’. Subsequent years saw other board games based around her concept being developed; leading to the Parker Brothers version of Monopoly being released in 1933. 57 more words


An article about car lawsuits

Recently Content4You has successfully completed a job for a legal website. You can see an excerpt from this article here. The task was to write a professional article of 400 words, without the use of second person, and to come up with a title that would interest readers. 359 more words


Why internships are important...Part 2

Finally I get to it. This is part two of my internship post. You might want to read that first part if you haven’t done so yet to understand the story better. 924 more words

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it is ok to copy their content marketing ideas because it’s not about the idea but its application

In content marketing, there’s no such thing as stealing other people’s ideas.

We can develop and grow our businesses not by pretending to be some nerds or geniuses but simply by learning from others. 409 more words

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5 Words or Phrases to use Instead of "content"

I hate the word “content.” It is a stupid, generic word. When I see the word “content” I immediately think of those silly lists of “Top 5 SEO Tips” or “10 Ways to Improve Your Keyword Visibility” that are totally unhelpful in that they are almost certainly written by freelance copywriters who know next to nothing about SEO or keyword visibility that they couldn’t find in the first page of a Google search. 64 more words