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Google Updates

A very interesting article on the recent Google algorithm updates we’ve all heard about! From what I heard on the grapevine, Panda only affected under 1% of listings, in terms of that actual amount of listings on Google, that could be still be substantial. 116 more words

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Joy Lee Chiropody - Performance Update

From time-to-time I check up on my sites and their performance, Joy Lee Chiropody is performing well and is displaying two first page, organic listing for her search term ‘chiropody’ and her primary location ‘Rotherham’ which is fantastic news. 38 more words

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Are 'Happily ever afters' going out of fashion?

In a TV series Homeland, Brody one of the main leads is killed, hanged to death, because all the twists and turns in the plot could only be solved if he dies. 218 more words

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Winners Never Quit. Really?

I was fumbling through the pages, when I came across a headline, “Winners Don’t Quit”.

I was into this hibernation, where I had not posted anything on my blog for a long time, and if anyone asked me the reason, I had an excuse ready – “ 275 more words


Proverbs with a twist

  •  If you create a black hole for someone else, you’ll get sucked into it.
  • A lie travels at the speed of light while truth is still contemplating its travel plans.
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What Serial teaches us about good internet content

Like 600,000 other people, I have been held to ransom by Sarah Koenig’s brilliant podcast, Serial.  I have waited with bated breath for each weekly 50 minute episode, actually looking forward to a long walk with my dog where I can be alone with her brilliant journalism. 601 more words

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Top 5 Website To Get Paid For Article Writing - Webs Teach

Top 5 Website To Get Paid For Article Writing

Top 5 Website To Get Paid For Article Writing

Hello friends,here is Saqib Baloch to introduce the topic “Top 5 Website To Get Paid For Article Writing “As you all know that article/content writing is the most easiest way to earn… 8 more words