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Just a quick post!..

… i just wanted to say guys sorry i havn’t posted i am sorting through all the amazing content i got in london to sort into posts that make sense! 57 more words


Prune those 401(k) Plan Investment Lineups | JD Supra

We are a nation of over abundance and we should be grateful for that. The problem is that over abundance can lead to a life of excess.

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Boyhood Shows When the Past is Timeless

As I have written about before, I don’t think that evergreen content has to be necessarily timeless. Some current content will stand the test of time, at least for a few decades (what’s the term for semi-evergreen?). 195 more words


Marketing Keywords to Know: August 21, 2014

Cornea Gumbo

Definition: A visually noisy or over-designed website with either too many graphics or too much animation

When running a website for your business, it’s important that you have content to keep users interested and engaged with your brand and their overall experience with your site. 129 more words

Freshly Baked Communications

When to Create

Like a lot of bloggers on here, I want to write. Not just journal-type entries on this blog, although I like doing that as well, but short stories and poems and maybe even one day a novel (I have LONG way to go on this one). 364 more words

Five Reasons to Consider a PR Consultant .. or Can You Afford NOT to?

Watch the local TV news any night of the week. You may an uncomfortable corporate executive fumbling through a 10-second sound bite that makes you cringe. 366 more words

Public Relations Services

Trading in the Stilettos

When did I suddenly become the uncool one?? I am in my late 20s and yet have not set my foot into anything remotely fancy or “lady like” in. 332 more words