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Infinite possibilities

Procedural generation is a system whereby new game experiences are generated by algorithms rather than scripted in advance by programmers.

Translated this means the computer is given the parameters and creates the game world for you through the parameters it has been given. 281 more words

Computer Games


Hey! :D

Well I promised daily stuff…but i was slacking, because I am a slacking peace of shit T_T I am sorry.

Anyway. Throwback friday will be underway really soon , hopefully I will pass FEAR tonight.  74 more words


Divided We Stand, Together We Rise

The sins of Babylon have reached to heaven… it’s kind of a contest as to which country in the world is the worst, but the US wins the Babylon crown hands down. 897 more words


Stress Free Content - FAST | Meet Brian McDaniel

One of the things you’ll hear a lot of marketers reveal is the importance of creating content. Some say three to five pieces a week, others say one piece…

Think Positive

Say to yourself every morning:

  • Today is going to be a great day.
  • I can handle more than I think I can.
  • Things don’t get better by worrying about them.
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My Life's Journey

What a Tour Player's schedule can teach us about creating content

We’ve all heard from lots of people that we should be constantly creating content for our community. They’ve said that content is the key to generating more engagement, and thus more business. 544 more words