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3 simple formulas for telling stories and creating content that your readers will love

Have you had an idea, a solution or even a list of practical tips, but haven’t been sure how to turn it into a blog post? 1,086 more words


10 Secrets to Getting Started in Freelance Writing

One question I get asked with some frequency is “so how did you get started writing?” You may be interested in pursuing freelance blog or magazine writing but don’t exactly know where to start. 565 more words


found you lacking

Across the sea of time, tossed was the message within a bottle floating in isolated passage until resting on a distant shore; found, the content viewed revealing to the recipient, a forgotten life surrendered to the depths of watery grave. 147 more words

The Price is High

This piece originally appeared on Notes from the Engine Room for Tugboat Yards on November 1, 2013.

Amazon.com has become a wonderful and convenient part of modern life. 344 more words

Begging to Pay

This piece originally appeared on Notes from the Engine Room for Tugboat Yards on October 16, 2013.

We now have a unique ability to connect fans with the content and content creators they love, and to not only love it from afar but actively participate and contribute to its ongoing creation. 432 more words

Toning Up

When working for an agency, you end up with multiple clients. To me, this is really exciting because my work is never mundane. But, I have to be mindful of changing up my tone when writing for different clients. 248 more words

Public Relations

4 Communities for New and Emerging Bloggers

The world of blogging can be overwhelming.  So much to learn. So much to do. So much to write about.  Yes, the basic premise of blogging is to write good content on subjects that matter to the writer in hopes of making a connection with a reader who becomes a follower.   160 more words

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