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Content marketing; has it changed everything, or not?

Once upon a time, it was all so simple and straightforward. There were messages that you paid for: advertising, in all its forms, and there were messages that you didn’t pay for: … 205 more words


Grateful Thursday!

That’s right! Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I don’t know if its the never ending buffet, the pumpkin spice lattes, being surrounded by my family, or my grandma rubbing my back and telling me I should eat more. 673 more words

There's always a light

Sometimes darkness can feel inescapable. It can feel completely unbearable. However, when you fight through it, a light always appears. At first, the light may seem small, dim and useless, but if you embrace the light, you will notice, it doesn’t quite seem so helpless after all. 95 more words


Celebrate This Year's Accomplishments with LinkedIn Profile Update

The year end is almost here. How much have you accomplished in your career in 2014? Think back to the beginning of the year: maybe you were working at a different company, maybe you’ve got promoted this year, or maybe you’ve worked on a new major project and your duties have significantly expended. 618 more words

Social Media

'Cause you know....that makes it more....humane to react this way....

Kim Ki Nam, Secretary of the Central Committee of the Worker’s Party of Korea told the assembled crowd: “Our army and people will launch their fiercest and most intense battle on record to crush mercilessly the heinous and frenzied human rights racket against Korea.”

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10 Easy Ways to Take Your Twitter Engagement To The Next Level

Twitter recently began experimenting with in-tweet analytics.

Soon afterwards, I tweeted that one particular tweet in my timeline had an engagement rate of 34%. 233 more words