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Contention – Argument; a dispute where there is strong disagreement or Competition
Sentence – The teams were in fierce contention for the first prize. 144 more words

By All Means

As The Shul Turns -- Episode 65

Yesterday was the AGM; a room full of old people who hate each other and fight over meaningless positions on a Board which is sidelined whenever Pharaoh and/or his ilk wants something. 182 more words


 Before I continue with part 3 of “What Contentment Isn’t”, I wanted to clarify. In part 2, I described how contentment doesn’t mean we can’t “moan and complain to God and to our friends” about our difficulties. 357 more words

Jeremiah Burroughs

4 Nephi 1:15

And it came to pass that there was no contention in the land, because of the love of God which did dwell in the hearts of the people. 281 more words

Book Of Mormon

Spreading Out Data - Old School Methods

In the previous post in this series we introduced a crude test case in which we had data packed in to a single block which was causing severe buffer contention. 540 more words


Sometimes we don't need to pack data in, we need to spread it out

I’ve gotten away with doing a presentation called “Contentious Small Tables” (download here) for the UKOUG three times now so I think it’s time to retire it from duty and serialise it here. 576 more words


Don't Take it Personally (They don't hate you. They hate Christ, in you)

The narrow gate is a road of suffering. It is also a faithful promise of great reward.

The fact that we are not wanted here, in this world, to us should be living evidence that we belong to a different Kingdom. 305 more words