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The Problem with Brand Publishing

This article was originally published by Sparksheet.com.

Proving the ROI of content is a perennial challenge. The Wonderfactory’s Joe McCambley asks, could the problem be a purely semantic one? 881 more words

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The $100M quarter: why deals are flowing into content marketing

If you work in marketing technology or media today, it’s hard to keep track of every investment that’s closed in the last three months. Deals are flowing into marketing technology, online publishers, and everything inbetween. 794 more words


Industry Buzzword: Content Marketing

What is it? A form of marketing that allows for the creation and publishing of content leveraged to develop consumer relationships and drive consumer action. 172 more words


How To Make Ryan Gosling Work For You, For Free

When I saw this post on Linkedin, I was both overjoyed and taken by surprise. First, someone made it ok to share a picture of Ryan Gosling on Linkedin (now even my professional contacts know that I am on team Gosling big time), second, someone actually managed to write a business related post around it. 117 more words


"Hi, I'm a Freelance Writer for Hire." | On Trying Out Contently

Well, the New York Times (and lots of other news outlets, might I add, like Forbes, WSJ, Ad Age, and so on) scooped me on this one. 237 more words


3 lessons from The Content Strategist to engage your blog readers

Hi there!

Today on Let’s Connect, we will discover the secret sauce of The Content Strategist, a perfect example of an effective brand blog. Of course, it is not a coincidence we chose this platform since it is from a young company called Contently, whose goal is to help brands and journalists to publish more engaging stories on the web. 316 more words

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