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Fast Mobility in Context Principles of Patient Care Skills

Did the Laws of Nature precede Nature or were they created with it, in the Big Bang? In other words, did they provide Nature with the… 288 more words



If you dropped someone from the pre-Internet era onto this train — let’s say Don Draper from Mad Men just for the fun of it…. 14 more words


Insights Mobility in Context Principles of Patient Care Skills

Another Scottish philosopher, Alexander Bains, observed, in the 19th century, that ideas form close associations also with behaviors and actions. This insight is at the basis for most modern learning and conditioning (behaviorist) theories and for connectionism (the design of neural networks where knowledge items are represented by patterns of activated ensembles of units). 215 more words


My Project : This Semester & Next

The final shoot for this project at the Thai Lanna restaurant was set to take place on Saturday, however, due to illness I was unable to carry it out, and with deadlines looming I decided to work with the images I was previously able to capture… 1,221 more words