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What is my Passion?

We don’t always do what is good for us. Sometimes we do what we want, rather than what is good for us. When “what we want” and “what is good for us come together,” it creates something that is awesome and undeniable. 438 more words


Divorce your dentist

For shy introverts and many other people even a session at the dentist can be hell.It’s not the pain but the feeling of being trapped ,unable to escape.Or if you find stress gives you the runs,that can be a  worry.It may remind you of frightening events in the past when you were punished severely.Try telling yourself,this is going to help me to feel better. 584 more words


What is the Context of a Psalm? Part 1: Poems, Prayers and Songs

The importance of taking the context of any text into account is an obvious part of interpretation. The notion of context with regard to biblical psalms is, however, a rather complex one. 928 more words


106 Acts 17:26, Did God create all nations out of one blood, or one man?

Sometimes there are differences that present as possibly challenging a crucial Biblical truth. Did God create all nations out of one blood, or one man… 523 more words

KJV/NIV Controversy

on your sleeve

The Australian/New Zealand/Japan-only compliation Masterpieces. Bob Dylan. 1978.


Creative vs. Creativity

Being “creative” is thought of as differently than having “creativity” as a skill.

A core identity versus a tool to use.

This is at the core of why people separate the arts from, well, everything else. 267 more words

Current Problems