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Senior Studio: Senior Thesis - Journal

This is a work in progress of my first continent out of many that I will be making for my planet.  I made this using nasa satellite images of the Earth and blending several of them together and using several of the continental coastlines together to make my own coast lines.


Africa is a Continent - not a country!

With the Ebola virus dominating the global press I thought I would share this article from the Washington Post about the geography of Africa.  It is far too easy to refer to Africa as if it is a country, I even find myself doing this sometimes and I live in Kenya! 8 more words

Overlanding Africa

Americans and America

1) “Where are you from?”

2) “America.”

1) “Really, me too!”

2) “What state?”

1) “Argentina.”

Now, I’m in an argument. This idea of “America” being more than the USA was something that I didn’t think was a dispute until I started traveling. 718 more words


Surfing to .. Estonia

As last month, Estonia is also one of the more recent members of the European Union. Their Statistics Office (http://www.stat.ee/en) has an extremely long Home page (almost 5 screen depths) but all of the news stories have a key message and the Key indicators have an arrow marker to indicate whether the situation in that indicator is improving or not. 713 more words


Fun Fact Friday!

More than 1,000 different languages are spoken on the continent of Africa.


Mcdonald Audi

Shifting Plates

The forces of nature

Are far from finished

With rearranging the planet’s continents

Shifting them for miles at a time

Molding them into what will… 19 more words



the continents
of some brave new world
are mapped upon the leaf