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Dear Alma | Scarey Hypothetical

Dear Alma,

If we have a union, what’s to keep departments from reducing everyone from full time to part time?



Dear Wondering,

Alma can’t recall in her 85 years ever hearing of a university administration reckless or stupid enough to convert its entire NTT faculty to part-time, especially to thwart the formation of a union!

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Collective Bargaining

The Charlatan in the Room. The secrets of your part-time professor.

By Kareme D’Wheat

Another semester begins. I arrive early, well dressed, and prepared for action. Like a doctor making a house call, I bring all my own equipment, tools, toys, bells and whistles. 814 more words

Modern Disappointment

Defining Ourselves in a New Way

Another thoughtful and thought-provoking post from the Good Enough Professor, asking who we (the faculty) really are:


Contingent Faculty

500 Is Not Enough

At their town hall meeting this week, Our Beloved Chancellor reaffirmed her commitment to hiring 500 new tenure-track faculty for this campus.  The overall time frame for the 500  remains somewhat vague, but it does appear that a substantial number of people have already been hired for next year.  219 more words

Contingent Faculty

Dear Alma| "Should", "Shall" and "Will"

Dear Alma,

I’m an NTT teaching writing, and I could use some help with a lesson on the conditional mode  for my students.  Can you give me a good example of the differences between “should,” shall” and “will”?  

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Contingent Faculty