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What's in a Title? Are New Titles for Adjuncts Just Lipstick on a Pig?

Sara Jerde has an article at the Chronicle of Higher Education describing university efforts to mollify adjuncts at their schools by giving them new titles.  To make adjunct positions more palatable, universities are now playing the title game.   383 more words

Daily History

Dear Alma: Raises? What the Heck!?

Dear Alma,

What the heck! I worked very hard over the past year and was looking forward to my annual merit increase from my department. Now I get a letter from academic HR telling me that I won’t get that raise – because of the new NTT union.

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August 15, 2001 (a Wednesday)

On this date, the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit ruled in Hardy v. Jefferson Community College, 260 F.3d 671 (6th Cir. 503 more words


Administration Withholds Promotion Raises Promised to "Specialized Faculty" by Provost's Communication #25

The administration exerted its power this month by refusing to give raises to newly promoted non-tenure-track faculty. In the face of this unilateral action, the need for a union has never been clearer. 237 more words

UIUC is Punishing NTT Faculty for Organizing: Faculty Must Respond

On Tuesday, August 5, Provost Adesida wrote to hundreds of non-tenure-track faculty who have just been certified as a union (CFA Local 6546 AFT/AAUP) that “departments may not implement academic year 2014-15 salary increases for specialized faculty in this bargaining unit until an agreement is bargained with the union regarding pay adjustments.” This action is not demanded by labor law in this state. 146 more words

Collective Bargaining

Report on attending COCAL XI, New York City, August 4-6, 2014

as submitted to UUP by Peter Brown, New Paltz Chapter President, 8/8/14

I wish to begin by expressing my sincere gratitude to everyone at COCAL… 1,262 more words

Contingent Faculty

No Objection to Administration giving Raises to Non-Tenure-Track Faculty!

Dear Colleagues,

This is an exciting time for non-tenure-track faculty on our campus, now that we have gained the right to bargain collectively and democratically for improvements in our working lives. 269 more words