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I recently returned from two workshops in France and the Netherlands where, among other things, I learned more about the challenges faced by public universities in Europe. 706 more words


First AFT #Adjunct/Contingent Faculty Caucus #aft14!

This evening saw the first ever gathering of AFT’s Contingent Caucus.

It was organized by Bill Lipkin and attended by about 40 AFT contingent members and allies from around the country. 99 more words

Contingent Faculty

Non-Tenure-Track Faculty at UIUC Have a Union

Congratulations to our NTT colleagues, whose union was certified this week by the Illinois Education Labor Relations Board! The fight continues for tenure-stream faculty to get the same protections offered by collective bargaining. 124 more words

Contingent Faculty

#AFT14 calls for a #sustainable #HigherEd workforce « @AFTHigherEd

Continued and expanding use of a contingent faculty workforce is not sustainable. The American Federation of Teachers (AFT), an NME supporting organization,  has launched a major campaign to educate higher ed stakeholders and the public about the  issue and then to take back higher education as a public good. 61 more words

Contingent Faculty

NEA - The Politics of Contingent Academic Labor

Here is a great analysis and overview of the privatization of higher education by Claire Golsdstene. It reaffirms my sense that lobbying for more full-time positions will never address the historical shift to majority contingent faculty. 54 more words

The Kilgore Case and the Decline of the University

Here’s an interesting piece from Counterpunch, that in our opinion doesn’t go quite far enough. The Kilgore case doesn’t just signal the decline of faculty rights (although it certainly does that)–it also exemplifies the decline of the university as a place of truth-telling and moral courage.


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They're So Transparent . . .

. . . and not in a good way.  The administration at UIUC has just (sort of) announced its salary program for next year.  I say “sort of” because it’s still not clear what kind of pool there will be for merit raises.  234 more words

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