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Accessing supports and services for adults with disabilities is certainly not a “One Stop Shop” experience. Multiple agencies and services exist. The various programs and supports provided may overlap or interconnect. 213 more words


We Love Teachers!

“Teachers are so lucky! They get to teach wonderful children all day long, have good job security, are paid well, and then they take every summer off for paid vacation. 699 more words

Develop Your "Interpersonal" Skill Set

The “Interpersonal Skill” is defined in many ways from multiple sources.  My own definition of the skill is as follows:

The “Interpersonal Skill” is not a skill that enables you to “win friends;”  rather, it is a skill that is best described by how others view you after you have worked with them on the job or in some sort of project.  782 more words


You Can Never Be Too Smart

It seems like school never ends. Elementary to middle school, middle to high school, high school to college, graduate school, possibly getting a PhD and then endless workshops and courses to keep you informed once you are in your career. 180 more words

Training As A HypnoDoula with HypnoBabies

I am excited to announce I have begun training as a HypnoDoula with HypnoBabies — I have always admired the benefits my clients have received when they utilize the self study course. 61 more words