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It’s pretty difficult for those technical writers, or ones aspiring to be, to gain experience in the industry on a budget. The costs really add up. 161 more words

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During our science geology unit, it will be helpful to use GoogleEarth for students to take a closer look at this location.

2.  http://quizlet.com/67120090/flashcards… 127 more words

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1.Video/Audio resources: ( found on Teachingchannel.com





I absolutely love teachingchannel.com and use it often when I am lacking on inspiration.  I usually go to teachingchannel.com when I in a bind and needing something to fill time or enhance learning for my students.   719 more words

Continued Learning

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1.  I searched “Global Warming” on both InfoTrac Junior Edition and InfoTrac Student Edition.  I found both of these searches to be very similar in the type of  the level that the articles were at for reading/grade level.   395 more words

Continued Learning

EKL's Resolutions for 2015

Emily’s 2015 Resolutions

With all of my 2015 projects on the table, it’s going to be an awesome year, but it’s going to require some discipline in order to succeed on all fronts. 360 more words

Continued Learning

EKL's Projects for 2015

I know, I know, it’s hard to keep up when you’re moving and shaking this hard and fast. That’s why I wanted to share a recap of what I’m up to for the New Year! 394 more words