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I chose the option:

Create a comprehensive lesson plan that integrates multiple tools to demonstrate best practice. 

I also wanted to show my ability (or growing ability) to complete the tasks so I created the lesson itself on my Face of Classroom site.   41 more words


Thing 7

1. I was able to convert a word document into a audio within seconds! Amazing!  This is such an amazing tool as many of my students are struggling readers.   138 more words


It's all making sense...

I have to say, I’m finding my class to be easier than what I remember university being. I think a big part of that comes from the fact that I’m far more mature than the 18-year old who went off to Ottawa eight years ago. 368 more words

Back To School

C is for Camellia.

There are two things I love about the camellia. For starters, the blossoms are my favorite on the planet.

I mean, really, how can you not love all these blossoms?  468 more words


Childhood recollections. Part 4.

Part 4 of “Blunt in engrained in me.”

Back at the farmhouse, we had a clever little outbuilding that was actually a primitive shower constructed in the early 20th-century. 2,380 more words


Make Time for What Makes You Happy

“I don’t have time for a hobby” is an something we hear on a daily basis here at The Curve. While it’s true that daily life and work do often overwhelm us, we have also become a generation that glorifies being busy. 327 more words