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Doing CI: Jenkins, Git and BitBucket

Git is my primary weapon as it comes to SCM. Jenkins is my weapon of choice for automatically building any code I have, either from Team Frustration Server or Git. 276 more words


Knightmare: A DevOps Cautionary Tale

I was speaking at a conference last year on the topics of DevOps, Configuration as Code, and Continuous Delivery and used the following story to demonstrate the importance making deployments fully automated and repeatable as part of a DevOps/Continuous Delivery initiative. 1,432 more words

Continuous Delivery

Powerdelivery extension for Visual Studio 2013 released

I’ve released a version of the Visual Studio extension for using powerdelivery on Chocolatey. This extension allows you to connect to Team Foundation Servers, see which builds are present in each of your environments (Dev, Test, Production etc.), open the appropriate scripts and config files for developing the pipeline, and kickoff builds. 41 more words


Puppet Camp : Slideshare Achieving continuous delivery with Puppet

Dans le cadre du Puppet Camp Paris, Laurent Bernaille est intervenu sur le sujet de l’évolution de l’IT et de la place de Puppet dans l’approche Continuous Delivery. 18 more words

Banks must adopt Spotify development model to survive

About a year ago Peter Sands, CEO of Standard Chartered Bank, published an Article where he said that banking would soon hit its Spotify moment. The “Spotify Moment” is the moment at which technology disrupts the traditional business of market players who cannot keep up, like the way the music industry was disrupted by Spotify. 554 more words


Puppet Camp Paris : introduction à Puppet

Lors du Puppet Camp Paris le 8 avril prochain, Laurent Bernaille interviendra sur le sujet suivant : Achieving Continuous Delivery and DevOps with Puppet.

Le contexte de l’intervention… 559 more words