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Simple alternatives to feature branching - #1 Build alongside

With Continuous Delivery (CD) every commit is a potential release candidate and all pushes are to a single central trunk. For people new to CD it an be very hard to reconcile frequent commits with this concept; How can I commit twice a day when this feature is going to take several days to be in a state that I want it to be public? 609 more words


IT deployment standards: why now?

Much like what is happening in the “big data” space, challenges with interoperability in the IT deployment tool market are converging to create an opportunity for standardization. 1,618 more words


How to choose tools for DevOps and Continuous Delivery

With an ever-increasing array of tools and technologies claiming to ‘enable DevOps’, how do we know which tools to try or to choose? In-house, open source, or commercial? 101 more words


IBM Enterprise 2014 - Oct 6th-10th

The Infrastructure for Cloud, Data & Engagement

Every organization today needs to have a robust infrastructure in place to achieve desired business growth. All functions in any organization are dependent on the infrastructure they use. 93 more words


Selecting a Deployment Pipeline: 10 Considerations

While a team must adopt a customer-guided, acceptance criteria-driven culture to begin releasing IT assets frequently and with high quality, eventually an investment needs to be made to create a… 1,569 more words

Process Improvement

Continuous Delivery

I’ll be at JavaOne next week, and one big topic that I’ll be learning about is Continuous Delivery and DevOps.  These are big buzz-words in the industry now, and for good reason. 792 more words

Desired State Configuration Basics

Before delving into the details of the tooling modules, one should have a basic understanding of the components of DSC.  This post consists of definitions of several key terms: 547 more words

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