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Ignite dev@Insight: Rosalind Radcliffe on Development for the Mainframe

Rosalind Radcliffe is a Distinguished Engineer within the IBM Rational organization. She is IBM Chief Architect for CLM and DevOps. She is responsible for driving the DevOps for multi platform architecture. 59 more words


Top of Mind - Continuous Delivery

One of the neat things about my job is that I get to talk to lots of different people about what is top of mind in product and technology. 501 more words

Technology Strategy

Automatisation : comment faire évoluer une infrastructure

Imaginez un grand établissement bancaire français, avec des milliers d’utilisateurs et près de 900 applications différentes. Imaginez maintenant le volume de transferts de fichiers générés au quotidien, en interne comme en externe, et la plate-forme gérant l’ensemble, un peu comme La Poste. 1,544 more words

Microservices in the Enterprise: Friend or Foe?

A micro approach to a macro problem?

The microservice hype is everywhere, and although the industry can’t seem to agree on an exact definition, we are repeatedly told that moving away from a monolithic application to a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) consisting of small services is the correct way to build and evolve software systems. 758 more words


crane assemble: adding builds to existing projects

The crane assemble command see full docs allows you to add a fully featured build script to you existing project. The video below shows this in action: 13 more words

Continuous Delivery

A New Mainframe and its New DevOps capabilities

First posted on ibm invisible thread blog

Mainframe and IBM have been synonymous since 1952. Over the years mainframes have seen a lot of transformation to stay in tune with the market requirements and industry changes. 831 more words


Welcome to 2015 - New Changes, New Experiences and New DevOps

Welcome to 2015 – New Changes, New Experiences and New DevOps

In 2014 DevOps achieved significant growth and acceptance in the market. It was clearly established that software success is increasingly indistinguishable from business success and the way forward depends on speed with which organizations can expand their DevOps adoption. 565 more words