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Understanding DevOps - Part 7: Continuous Improvement

A simple description of DevOps is such:

‘An approach to Application Delivery that applies Lean principles to accelerate feedback and improve time to market’

What does this mean?

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UrbanCode Deploy and SmartCloud Orchestrator (extended addition)

It has been awhile since I posted on the UrbanCode Deploy and SmartCloud Orchestrator integration to provide a self-service portal for one-click environment provisioning and application deployment.  850 more words

Urbancode Deploy

Continuous Integration with Tibco Business Works 6

I have been granted a sneak peek at some very promising open source plug-ins from the Tibco community for BW 6.  I have to admit that I am very excited about the direction Tibco has taken with BW 6.  1,524 more words

Continuous Delivery

DSC Tooling: cDscResourceDesigner and DscDevelopment

In PowerShell v4 – the first release of Desired State Configuration – the experience of authoring DSC resource modules isn’t terribly pleasant.  You have to produce both a PowerShell module and a schema.mof file, both of which have to follow certain rules, and agree with each other about the parameters that can be passed to the module’s commands.  342 more words

Continuous Delivery

PowerShell DSC tooling updates released!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working on incorporating Desired State Configuration into our continuous deployment pipeline.  We’ll be using this technology internally, eating the dog food, but we also want to be able to help our clients leverage this technology. 288 more words

Continuous Delivery

DSC Tooling: The DscConfiguration module

The DscConfiguration module is one of the tooling modules originally written by Steven Murawski for Stack Exchange.  It has since been released as open source, and the main repository for the code is hosted by PowerShell.org. 717 more words

Continuous Delivery

DSC Tooling: The DscBuild module

The DscBuild module contains the Invoke-DscBuild function.  This is essentially a complete implementation of a DSC continuous delivery pipeline which takes care of producing all of the artifacts which need to be published to your pull servers:  MOF documents, zip files for resource modules, and checksums for both.  207 more words

Continuous Delivery