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The Manufacturing Agility Index: Measuring the Efficiency of Change

How well does your organization handle change? Is it managed deliberately or do you use a shoot first, ask questions last approach to changes? What is the level of resistance that you face for easy process changes? 808 more words


5 Things You Should Do Immediately to Improve Plant Performance

Well it turns out, there’s quite a bit of science to the art of plant management. There are hard ways to drive performance and there are easy ways. 819 more words


Why American Companies Struggle with Lean Implementation

Its no secret that American companies have had their share of fits and stalls with the implementation of Lean Manufacturing. Why is it that some companies are able to generate so much steam and momentum with their Lean efforts while some can’t even create the slightest inertia? 774 more words


Ministry of Justice: Continuous Improvement and Delivering Results

Over the next few weeks, our blog will be showcasing the winners and those that were nominated for the All Wales Continuous Improvement Community awards. Caroline Phillips from the Ministry of Justice tells us about their Shared Services and why they won the ‘Delivering Results – Doing it Better’ category. 364 more words