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Weekly Photo Challenge - On Top

I bent backwards over a chair and my friends decided to see if they could use me as a table.

Check out some more things on top of things… 77 more words


Experimenting With Contortion and Confusion

After being inspired by Eric Kellerman’s work I decided to have a photo shoot of my own where I take themes he has used to produce my own set of photographs. 146 more words

Final Project

Circus: regaining flexibilty

I started losing my sight and taught myself to dance with
fire. I damaged my legs and ankles and taught myself to walk en
pointe. Now I’ve decided with a lower spine as aligned as a game of… 351 more words

Pain is Temporary, Awesome is Forever

I have spent the past week taking part in a traveling circus that is visiting my school. This is the third consecutive year I have taken part in the circus, and this year I’ve pushed myself even harder than before. 150 more words

Can I develop strength and flexibility at the same time?

This question reminds me something I used to be asked a LOT when I was doing fitness: can I build muscle and lose fat at the same time? 394 more words


What training taught me about life

On good training days, toward the end of my practice, I enter this “super wise/happy” state ( thank you endorphins) where I understand very clearly some aspects of life, I get great ideas, think motivational quotes and overall I feel a positive attitude toward everything. 403 more words


Top 10 Flexibility excuses

At some point, starting out or few months in with flexibility training, you’ll question if what you’re doing is actually realistic and worth it, you’ll have doubts and often you’ll tell yourself something to justify the journey’s difficulties (that’s the purpose of excuses). 612 more words