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SOMA- Fringe 2014

Some people can be flexible. They might be able to do the splits or hold a complicated yoga position. But dancer and contortionist Amy Macpherson is just a little bit more flexible then the average person. 414 more words



Hi guys! Sorry I’ve neglected my page quite a bit… hopefully I will be back on more regularly soon! Much training and a focus on flexibility is currently happening for me… I am spending much more of my time dancing and concentrating on moving around the pole in a more interesting way rather than tricks (particularly with the cold weather coming along)… Will post soon I promise! ;) Much loves xx


Team Bad Idea Goes Underground

Written by Marcin Mirski

The UBC delegation to Memekayest 2013 arrived in two batches. The early crew, consisting of Артём, Irma, Marcin, and Phil (those who had Friday obligations that were weak enough to make avoiding them a possibility), took off on the first morning ferry, while Jannú and Shuvi arrived on Saturday. 760 more words


Why I don't do what I do to join the circus

Oh you should join the circus!
Why aren’t you in a show?

It’s funny how people can’t see why I would train so hard without having a definite end goal like being in a show. 597 more words


The Contortionists of Mongolia

By Christine Schindler

Alongside some of the world’s strangest preserved traditions – such as Mongolian wrestling, bareback horse riding, and throat singing – is contortion. A dance or a feat of flexibility, contortion is the art of stretching and bending the body into unusual and various shapes, lines and positions. 1,003 more words

Far East

Monday Motivation

If you’re like me it’s easy to stay curled up on a Monday. BUT – there are tons of chances to revitalize and rest with me this week. 72 more words

Skate or Skare.

Marker and Graphite in sketchpad, 2014