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Poll: Was the slave John Parker a "Black Confederate?"

Confederates use slaves to mount a cannon during the Civil War: an example of “Black Confederates?”
Source: National Park Service

Question: was the slave John Parker a “Black Confederate?” This is a poll question, and you can give your answer below. 2,352 more words

Weirdness at the Courthouse

I went to the courthouse today to pay my property taxes. (Who really owns what we own if we have to pay taxes to keep it? 815 more words


North meets South, Zouave meets boy: Winslow Homer's Contraband

Contraband, by Winslow Homer. Watercolor, 1875
Source: Wikipedia Commons. Click here for larger size.

The American Civil War made for new and unexpected encounters between North and South. 919 more words

Sgt Harris' Christmas/New Year's wish: Please "take away" my family to freedom

“Fleeing from the Land of Bondage,” illustrated by F.O.C. Darley. From Mary Livermore’s “My Story of the War” (Hartford, Conn., 1896).
During the Civil War, Union soldiers conducted raids or expeditions to gather and remove slaves to federal-controlled areas, sometimes called contraband camps or freedman colonies.
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Cell search and depression

Oct. 27 was just another typical day in prison. Some Inmates going to the infirmary for medical needs, inmates getting their rec time out of their cell. 332 more words


Stopped by the Police While in Possession of Drugs? Know Your Legal Rights

If you are found to have unlawful drugs in your possession, you could be facing serious criminal charges. Depending on the type and quantity of the drugs found on you, you could even be sentenced to jail time. 557 more words

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Greece - Contraband Cigarettes found aboard Abandoned Ship

Authorities in Greece are trying to piece together the source of a large quantity of smuggled cigarettes found onboard an abandoned ship at the Greek island of Zakynthos. 117 more words

Illicit Goods