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One solution to many woes: make sperm scarce.

The Grim Guy, Lucian Vâlsan wrote a very interesting article: A bachelor tax – not so unlikely in which he describes the Romanian circumstances in the 1980′s under Nicolae Ceaușescu. 739 more words

Men's Rights

HIV? Me? No, I am married! (13)

  “It’s okay,” I hurried to reassure her. ”Noooo,” she screamed. ”Mum, tell me that’s not true.” ”Its true.” ”How could that be?” Aka asked at us both, bewildered, ”….does it mean…Daddy?” She stopped in confusion. 164 more words

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HIV? Me? No, I am married! (12)

”You knew all this while,” I had exclaimed.

”I bought an HIV testing kit off the internet and the result came back positive.”

”When was this?” 174 more words

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A great FAM article!

Check out this article all about FAM and my teacher, Sarah Bly!

Fearless Fertility

I live in UK so as expected, my findings on abortion in black women are based on UK figures. But this news was a confirmation to me that abortion rates are high among black women even in the US!

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Part 5: A Survivor of Sexual Abuse - Nina Ndubuisi.

Not all survivors of sexual abuse show their emotions outwardly. On the one hand, some may appear calm and unaffected by the assault; on the other hand, some survivors become hyper-sexual or promiscuous following sexual attacks—sometimes as a way to reassert a measure of control over their sexual relations (I think this is more me). 344 more words

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The immorality and the bad consequences of contraception

Contracepted sexual intercourse refers to acts of sexual intercourse in which at least one of the persons involved has deprived the sexual act of its procreative potential by actively attempting to prevent a process essential to natural human reproduction from occurring. 694 more words