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There are many historical forms of contraception with the most popular being birth control pills, condoms, vasectomies, and the original form which is coitus interruptus which basically means withdrawing the penis before ejaculation. 180 more words

Common Sense

Après 25 ans, la femme doit payer pour baiser.

Ou de la profonde inégalité de l’accès à la contraception, dans le pays le plus égalitaire du monde

J’ai récemment été informée que mes cellules utérines présentaient… 744 more words


A dismaying portion of the medicine in circulation is counterfeit

Poor-quality medication—that is, counterfeit drugs, or ones not made to the right specifications—are a huge problem. But it has traditionally been hard to measure how pervasive the problem is. 485 more words

RMC Responds: Prevention Over Politics

This week, Facebook commenter Heather made a simple but important statement about prevention: “Birth control and family planning aren’t necessarily moral decisions.  They’re medical decisions which people choose to overlay with moral constructs.”  Heather’s comment is so significant because in today’s tense political environment, it is far too easy to loose sight of the real issues and forget how Americans actually feel about this important family issue. 223 more words

Safe Sex

Safe sex is important. It’s a simple statement and we all know it, but do we still practice safe sex? Is it still actually important to us? 384 more words