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Thinking some more about contraception

I’ve been thinking more about Elizabeth Anscombe‘s 1972 Contraception and Chastity, as I urged (and urge) you all to do if you consider yourselves faithful Christians who are willing to be inconvenienced by the requirements of your faith.I might as well publish this now as no matter how long I wait, my thoughts are unlikely to be settled. 3,276 more words


Saint Anne

About Saint Anne

Saint Anne is venerated by the Church as the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the grandmother of Jesus Christ. Married to Saint Joachim, … 234 more words

Weekly Thoughts 1

The last few years Christian organizations have fought for their sense of religious freedom, decrying government mandates that would force them to carry healthcare like birth control. 814 more words


Fucking Missouri

Yes, back to that list of states I have — you know the ones, the ones with the prefix “fucking” permanently welded to the name?  Missouri has been there for some time and just ensured the likelihood of me never reaching for a freeing blowtorch.   237 more words

Feminism & Humanism

GOP candidates suggest OTC birth control pills - right idea, wrong reason

Four Republican candidates running for office this November have proposed over the counter (OTC) oral contraceptives as an answer to GOP opposition to contraception coverage… 901 more words


PiH Recap: A Crash Course in Humanae Vitae

Last night at Pure in Heart, Conal gave a very informative talk on Humanae Vitae, the added benefit being that we no longer have to pretend to know what it is. 437 more words

Prayer Groups

Making sense of contraception use

Getting to grips with STATA (check). Getting access to Natsal-3 data (check). Analysing data (check, and check). Reviewing analysis with supervisors (check) resulting in discussing again and going round in circles about the best way to group contraception for my analysis (not quite, almost… and back to the drawing board). 596 more words