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Stims Day 6 Weathering the storm...

                    Have you ever woke up feeling sick , knowing you should not go to work but decide to weather the storm anyway?  Well, that is exactly me today. 413 more words


A pint a day could keep male infertility away

When you think of possible factors that could boost fertility, what jumps to mind?

Fruit? Vegetables? A healthy lifestyle? Potentially.

But what about a pint of beer? 291 more words


Where in the developed world is contraception free?

In conducting any literature review a researcher must weigh up quality (i.e. finding relevant studies to your research question), and quantity (i.e. being swamped by the sheer volume of publications). 529 more words


Better safe than pregnant and sorry

Here’s a question for you-when should a young person start on birth control, before or after they first have sex? So, this isn’t really a hard question, but it’s amazing how often I have to discuss this with young people. 31 more words


NARAL NC Discusses Implications and Impact of Hobby Lobby on Duke Law Panel

Last Tuesday, academics and advocates discussed the implications for reproductive rights and religious freedoms after the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision at Duke University Law School.  751 more words

Women's Reproductive Rights

Contraception for adolescents.

Source: Pediatrics. 2014 Oct;134(4):e1244-56.

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Date of publication: October, 2014

Publication type: Policy statement / Journal article

In a nutshell… 44 more words

Child Health