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First Week of School! First Week of School!

It was an exciting week this past week because something new was added to my routine – teaching students in a real, live classroom. No longer must Arian and I only practice the curriculum in an empty conference room with no one to laugh at our jokes! 1,086 more words

MCPN Community HealthCorps

Patients on generic statins have better outcomes versus those taking brand-name drugs

Do you think the following is important? I suspect most people do. Affording and actually taking your medication is very important and studies have shown that all too many patients do not take medication as it was prescribed. 232 more words


Republicans want women to have easier access to birth control--so why is Planned Parenthood against this?

Apparently, all is fair in the war on women. That’s why one of Salon’s resident jokesters responded to video of a football player knocking his soon-to-be wife unconscious in an elevator… 695 more words

Connecting The Dots

(4) Some Problems Causing Teenage Pregnancies

Teenage Pregnancies are a problem being caused by lack of sex education and lack of contraception providers.  A lot of teenagers think impulsively and believe that getting pregnant won’t happen to them.  221 more words

What Constitutes Progress?

Last week’s post Horrible People  got me thinking about the nature of progress. I’m planning on doing a few posts on the theme.

Progress is hard to define. 731 more words


'Priorities': Having solved all other problems, Dianne Feinstein wants to '#FixHobbyLobby'

The Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision is still gnawing at congressional Democrats, as Sen. Dianne Feinstein proved today:

Contraception is a basic form of health care.

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Contraceptive Use Can Save 4000 Lives, Study Finds

By Leocadia Bongben

Contraceptive use promotes health, saves lives and cost a study on “Costs and benefits of investing services in Cameroon”, conducted by the Institute of Demographic Research, IFORD, Cameroon and the Guttmacher Research Institute, USA, had found. 401 more words