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Government Drafting Birth Control Accommodation

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration is developing a new way for religious nonprofits that object to paying for contraceptives in their health plans to opt out, without submitting a form they say violates their religious beliefs. 203 more words


What Arguments for Inadequate Sex Ed and Banning Condoms Sound Like

It will appear at first that I’m not talking about the topic I identified in the title. Do not be alarmed by this. Read on. 700 more words

SCOTUS, Science, Conception, and Some Facts about the Four Contraceptives at the Center of the Hobby Lobby Case

Submitted by Elaine Magliaro, Weekend Contributor

Back in March of this year—during oral arguments in the Hobby Lobby case—Sahil Kapur (Talking Points Memo) said he thought that the conservative Supreme Court Justices “appeared broadly ready to rule against… 1,543 more words

Constitutional Law

A.C.A and Hobby Lobby

Recently the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor (5-4) of Hobby Lobby, a national arts and crafts store, as the company was seeking to absolve itself of certain provisions mandated in the A.C.A (aka OBAMACARE). 633 more words


We Want Free Chocolate

The following blog was written by Karee Santos.   Perhaps it is tongue-in-cheek.  I think it’s inspiration.  Hobby Lobby won their Supreme Court case.  The privately-owned, Christian company is not forced to betray their conscience by providing employee “health care” that includes four contraceptives that are potential abortifacients. 859 more words

Life Issues

NY'S Medicaid Covering Post-Birth Contraceptives

NEW YORK (AP) — Emboldened and incensed by the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision limiting certain contraceptive coverage in the private sector, New York health officials moved forward Thursday with a plan to provide contraceptive devices to low-income women who don’t want to get pregnant soon after giving birth. 549 more words


Liberty and Justice for All

Freedom is arguably the number one thing that unite Americans across ideological, cultural, socioeconomic and intellectual divides. Whether you call it freedom or liberty, Americans are willing to fight for it. 2,268 more words