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Twenty years research ... or 2 minutes with a contract manager

“Optimism is the enemy of action”, according to a recent article in The Atlantic Magazine.

The article reviews a recent book by Dr. Gabriele Oetiggen which questions the benefits of positive thinking. 176 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Contracts as connectors

High-performing organizations often view contracts – and the contracting process – as a form of ‘connector’. They understand that the process draws together the views and interests of a wide variety of stakeholders. 260 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Getting more from your contracts - spotting a troubled project

One challenge facing contract and project managers is how to improve their anticipation of problems. Contract administration was mostly a reactive discipline, reporting after the event. 169 more words

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Efficiency doesn't end with contracts

Last week I was running a capability review with an IACCM member company. During a break, one of the attorneys said that he had been struck by the session we had just done on communications and told me a story about his former company. 295 more words

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So there are limits to IPR

Intellectual Property lies at the heart of many litigations. Negotiations over IP have boosted this topic into the top five negotiated terms and there is hardly a contract these days that does not include some sort of IP clause. 192 more words

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The cost of failure

When business travel plans go awry, the impact is substantial. That’s according to research conducted by the Global Business Travel Association.

A delayed or cancelled flight, by far the most common issue, affects 87% of business travelers each year. 140 more words

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Commercial competence

Tesco, a major retailer, becomes the latest in a growing line of private sector companies that appear unable to properly manage their contracts. In this case, there is a black hole of more than $400m from over-stated revenues, apparently stemming from commercial agreements with suppliers. 212 more words

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