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Are you in an adversarial industry? Insights for contract negotiators and managers.

Given their business significance, it is interesting how little research has been done on claims and disputes. They impact reputation, trust and bottom-line results, but most organizations have very little insight to the frequency, causes or costs of claims and disputes. 441 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Contract Management: A Critical Competency

Later this week, IACCM is running a webinar that sets out ‘Five Reasons Why Contract Management Is Becoming A Critical Competency’.

The discussion centers on a growing number of conversations with business and government leaders who recognize that contract management is fundamental to their goals. 197 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

International Contracting - more or less important?

IACCM’s recent report on salaries drew attention to the different levels of premium paid to contract and commercial professionals with international contracting responsibility in the US compared with Western Europe. 436 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Are you a pothole person?

I met last week with Toby Hunt, a Vice President at Hill International.

We had a long and lively conversation about the role and potential value of contract management and our shared experiences in working with many of the world’s largest corporations and Government buyers. 291 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Are Public Sector Contracts Doomed To Fail?

The issues that forced the resignation of US Health Secretary Mary Sebelius are just one example of the complex challenges facing those in the health service today. 478 more words

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It pays to be at the top

People at senior levels are paid more. That’s no surprise. But IACCM’s most recent salary survey suggests that those at the top are beginning to increase the differential, with average pay for a functional leader jumping by almost 20% in the last year, while those in more junior roles have seen increases of only 2 – 3%. 302 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Will regulation eliminate the need for contract negotiation?

Take a look at this article describing the terms that are now impacted by regulation in the financial services industry. The list is so extensive that the scope for meaningful negotiation appears severely reduced. 297 more words

Contract / Commercial Management