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Becoming a contracts professional

The comments on ‘The Role of a Contract Manager’ continue to grow and recently Ben Edwards made the following observation:

What I’d like to see more of if the professional recognition and development of Contractor side Contract Managers who receive little or no focus. 255 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Change does not have to be complicated

Sometimes it can be so simple to achieve change.

Last week, I was talking with John, an IACCM member, about contract drafting and its impact on business results. 183 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

The right to protest ... but at what cost?

The quality and integrity of procurement is a big subject for many organizations right now. They are struggling to strike a balance between a rigid, savings-focused process, versus the need to have managers who use discretion and make good judgments. 379 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Did Procurement institutionalize the wrong things?

Purchasing was a largely administrative discipline that ensured orders were placed and goods were received. In the last 30 years, it has changed its name, matured, specialized and become inextricably linked with the concept of ‘savings’. 286 more words

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Legal work beats being a fast-food cook

When it comes to job meaning, satisfaction and stress, it seems there are many better choices than working as a lawyer or contracts professional. In fact, mail clerks feel as good about the value they deliver and there are some 300 job groups that yield greater satisfaction. 388 more words

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Beyond anecdotal

This was the term used by a far-sighted participant at the recent IACCM Europe Conference. He was emphasizing the point that the influence of contract managers and lawyers depends increasingly on delivering facts, not mere opinions. 148 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Big or small, which is better?

Big contracts or small contracts? Large corporations or SMEs? Centralized functions or decentralized? The debate over big versus small does not go away. While the strength of this debate is currently most visible in the public sector, similar undercurrents are also evident in private business. 416 more words

Contract / Commercial Management