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Acquiring skills: first recognise what you need

According to Workforce magazine, “It’s easy to recognize a vacant position in your company, but it’s much harder to identify the skills a potential employee will need to fill that void. 390 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Are you addressing problems with contract management?

Last week, the UK’s National Audit Office provided Parliament with its latest reports on Contract Management. They are encouraging, in that they reflect the robust focus that government is placing on this discipline. 562 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

The end of sales as we know it

On Successful Workplace, Chad Garrett writes about ‘the death of the enterprise salesman’. He describes the growing sophistication of customers, who undertake far more independent research and no longer rely on the sales interface for information or requirement development. 308 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Why is Contract Management software struggling?

For years the analysts predicted meteoric growth – and it didn’t happen. Now, the complaint I hear is that the analysts largely ignore contract management software and see it as a sub-set of ERP. 494 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

The cost of focused negotiation

Max Bazerman is a behavioral economist and he has recently written a book, The Power of Noticing: What the Best Leaders See. He draws from his personal experience in failing to notice things, which he attributes to his tendency to focus. 273 more words

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The future of outsourcing

“Outsourcing is moving backwards; it is tired and outdated”.

“I see no future for the major outsource providers: they have become trapped in out-tasking.”

These are just two of the comments I have recently heard during conversations with experts in the outsourcing field. 511 more words

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But who supervises the lawyers?

The Canadian Bar Association is the latest to come out with a comprehensive report advocating fundamental change in the structure and management of law firms and the delivery of legal services. 428 more words

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