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I’ll be the first to admit it. I’m one strange little lady. Random, spontaneous, reliable, practical, creative, flighty, grounded and yet I’m a dreamer. How the heck do so many contradictions fit in my 147cm body? Beats me!


Below Still Waters

So I have this Word file on my laptop entitled “Below Still Waters,” and it’s become a kind of journal for me. I have an actual journal that I write in sometimes, but there are times when my thoughts are coming too quickly to write longhand, or at a time when I’m sitting at my laptop, and it’s just more convenient to type them rather than write them down. 883 more words

Social Anxiety


Who am I?

Am I the person in the mirror I hate looking at and love to admire?

The person in my head I assume I am or should be? 170 more words

Last Night On Earth

A girl of change
Surviving on passion
Thriving on spontaneity
Starving for adventure
Isn’t that what she wants?
Isn’t that what she’s wanted all along? 107 more words


A Materialist Critique of Skepticism: Part Five

Empiricus wrote ‘Scepticism is an ability to set out oppositions among things which appear and are thought of in any way at all, an ability by which, because of the equipollence in the opposed objects and accounts, we come first to suspension of judgement and afterwards to tranquility.’41 For the skeptic, contradictory appearances – which particularly Empiricus documented at length – end their enquiry, but for the materialist they prompt investigation. 944 more words



My life is a constant contradiction. I’ve known this for a while, but it seems to be getting worse.

For starters: I’m a life-long vegetarian (and leaning into veganism) but I don’t really like animals. 149 more words

POLITICO'S Search For the Perfect Oxymoron

The Search for a Communist Dwight D. Eisenhower

The Quest for a Female Richard Nixon

In Search of a Neo-Nazi Abraham Lincoln

Finding a Gay Harry Truman… 17 more words