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This is not a linear narrative.  It also is, despite its truth, incomplete.  Even incomplete in all the sexy details.  So much is unwritten.   I find myself wanting to detail some of those left behind moments.   346 more words


A Materialist Critique of Skepticism: Part Six

Frede wrote that the skeptic ‘thinks of himself as following Socrates…What I want to suggest is that Arcesilaus and his followers thought of themselves as just following Socratic practice’54 They… 1,013 more words


Restless Contradiction

I do not need you,

but I love you,

I hope you don’t leave me,

but I may not be true.



Hope you read this in good health..

Today I am wondering… why is there so much emotional drama in our lives….

we see animals… they don’t crib… they don’t complain… 359 more words


two types of architecture

It is space limiting space; to reduce the infinite and unbounded horizon to concrete slabs, walls, ceilings, floors. To lock doors and windows to keep them who are not wanted. 137 more words

The Ten Commandments and the Ten Suggestions

Most evangelical Christians will agree that the Ten Commandments are extremely important as a foundation for morality. What is astounding is that, despite this, most of them would struggle to name more than a handful of these “all important” commandments upon which they claim that their morality is based. 794 more words

Mental Vomit: In Verse

I am okay
I am alright
Still soldering on
Still in the fight

Still waging war
Against the beast
Still pushing it back
Denying it’s feast… 149 more words