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Atrabilious Ataraxia

Consumed fiction becomes
The facts of lingering souls,
Regret lies to innocent truth,
Manifesting within complexity,
Intricate refined interactions,
Where does darkness dwell
When acolytes come all at once? 50 more words


ARC signup: 'A Natural Act'

If you are a reviewer and would like to sign up for the chance to receive an ARC of a ‘A Natural Act’ in early September. 7 more words


Ukrainian propaganda confused

We are already used to the fact that Ukrainian propaganda lies through their teeth and makes outrageous claims every day. Until now though they somehow managed to avoid publishing mutually exclusive information simultaneously. 192 more words


Changing that conjunction

Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself. I am large. I contain multitudes. ~Walt Whitman

I have this huge walk-in pantry adjacent to my laundry room. 1,088 more words

Love 101


Rorschach convention
Italics mine
Abundant idiosyncrasies proliferate obscure stereotypes.
Inverted word order complicated the procedure was
Inside the enemy’s mind
Thinking thoughts of passionate disregard… 64 more words



Being the utmost intelligent creature on earth, we should be proud of what we are. We are capable of learning things faster than any other creature ( regardless of few exceptional cases ), we reason, we contemplate, we argue, we have different opinions regarding things and most important of all we make contradicting decisions.  437 more words


11 Things Shy People Struggle With

So sparking off from my previous post today, where I wrote about how your closest friends in your innermost circle are really the ones who know the real you, is the thought behind this post – that the rest of the world only sees one aspect of your personality most of the time… and it made me think that well yeah, being a Capricorn, I am by default a shy, reserved, quiet kind of person. 636 more words