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To fight or not to fight, that is the question

How do you reconcile the wish for your child to be a pacifist with a desire for them to look after themselves and not succumb to bullying? 451 more words


There is a need for interpretation, in order to explain seeming contradictions

Turning from the general to the particular let us evince there is a real need for interpretation. First, in order to explain seeming contradictions. Thus, 405 more words

Arthur W. Pink

Words and Actions...

I’m a thinker. I am thinking all of the time and I almost always am overthinking things. So, I was thinking (HA!) that perhaps it was time that I just start writing some of these things down. 1,004 more words


El Centro de Abastos del Pescado...Giant Fresh Seafood Market

The fresh seafood markets in Mexico City are open 24 hours a day.

Although, perhaps not serving customers the entire time, there is a constant flurry of people and business as the deliveries of fish, squid, clams and shark are bought in straight from the ocean hours away. 143 more words


20 Reasons Why You Are An Idiot

    1. You give people the benefit of the doubt even when it is obvious they are taking advantage of you
    2. You listen to what people say before you presume to know what they are thinking or what their intentions are…
    691 more words

:: consider this ::

a little inspirational image + quote for you, followed by a prompt.  to simply read.  to explore with words or paint.  to capture in a photograph of your own. 52 more words

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