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Mother Theresa's Words

Sometimes I wonder if I should join charities, donate more or volunteer more. I guess we all, in different degrees, want to give and contribute. 109 more words


Creating Greater Contribution and Clarity in Our World

I have found that when I think that I have all the answers to life is when I live in blindness and cannot see clearly.  It seems God is doing a work in my life where I am learning to live with more humility and honesty around my lack of clarity.   458 more words

Mystical Imagination

For Better, Or Worse?

A story is told how the owner of a prominent restaurant chain went to visit a pastor friend of his. In a rush to make an upcoming meeting, the men decided to stop in a competitor’s restaurant to grab a quick bite to eat. 501 more words


Making A Difference, One Small Change At A Time

Two workers at a construction site were asked the same question, “What are you doing here?” One answered, “I am digging a trench and will lay down bricks in it afterwards.” The other one said, “I am helping build a beautiful cathedral.” I have used this story in many a presentation and workshops. 475 more words


Classroom Design

Before reading this weeks core readings I did not realise how much thought and research is put into how a classroom should be set up to make an effective learning environment.  141 more words


Mission Critical

In preparing to write this week’s post, I couldn’t help but think of a friend of mine.  Someone who is in his fifties and has a lot behind him in terms of experience and career. 856 more words


How to Win By Failing the Ice Bucket Challenge

Instead of pouring ice water over my head, here’s my contribution:

A blog post.




Yes, I get it. The Ice Bucket Challenge, or #icebucketchallenge, is taking the media outlets by storm. 800 more words