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Studio Visit: Liz Ensz

Not many artists that I know personally are making much (if any) money off of their work. We all have other day or night jobs teaching, art handling, or working in the service industry. 1,488 more words


Tye Meesen


Name is Tye and my Mum calls me Moth, other people call me Buckets for some reason and I don’t know why. Graphic design tickles my fancy and I enjoy dabbling in illustrations, furthermore love looking at photos of pugs in my spare time. 27 more words

Tom Cooper


My name is Tom and I froth on tunes. I’ll spend hours everyday making Spotify playlists, reading album reviews from dozens of websites, scrolling through end-of-year lists, looking up the latest gigs, and just generally indulging in musical goodness. 57 more words

Tim McGlone


Name: Tim McGlone

Age: 21

Bellybutton type: Innie

Most likely to be found: Canterbury Road op-shops, pushing over old ladies in pursuit of sweet get-ups. 65 more words

Rowie Sullivan


20 years young. From the cradle I was raised in Mildura, although I have since escaped and am currently chasing good vibes in the not so upper east suburbs of Melbourne. 89 more words

Nick Torrens


An active member of the Melbourne’s exceptional music scene, Nick or “The Toz Diggity Dawg” will cover the latest gig reviews and other musical nonsense.











Mikey Blyth


I like to think about things too much. Actually, it’s become habitual. House is home base, preferably littered with soul and sexiness. Basslines are fun too, but must include funk. 92 more words