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Looking for Correspondents!

Do you like an ACC school?  Do you like writing about your ACC school?  Not sure, but want to give it a try?

The Confidential is looking for school correspondents to write about their respective school.  81 more words


Can RFID save brick-and-mortar retailers after all?

It’s been more than a decade since Walmart shook the retail world with a bold plan to plaster its supply chain with RFID. It bombed — but rising from the ashes is a “barcode on steroids” that might just be a savior for Macy’s and other retailers. 837 more words


The General Motors you want to sue no longer exists, says GM

Carmaker claims immunity from legal liability for ignition-switch defects prior to 2009.

FORTUNE — General Motors Co. asked a federal court in Texas to postpone a lawsuit against it claiming damages and injuries from ignition-switch defects in models of GM cars built before the automaker’s 2009 bankruptcy. 516 more words


Free Pattern - The Fairy Tale Cape


Hello my dear sewing lovers!

I’m Charlie and I blog over at www.thisblogisnotforyou.com. I recently launched my first PDF sewing pattern – The Fairy Tale Cape! 239 more words


This is how bureaucracy dies

Eventually, every firm will discover that it’s quite possible to manage without managers.

(TheMIX) — If you’ve spent a lifetime accumulating and wielding bureaucratic power, and if you’ve calibrated your career progress by the steps you’ve taken up the corporate ladder, or by the number of people who work for you, or the perks you’ve been awarded, or the scope of your authority, then envisioning a world in which leaders report to the led may be a bit daunting. 1,059 more words


What exactly did bank CEOs earn in 2013?

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon got either a 74% raise or a 37% pay cut, depending on the source. In fact, neither stat correctly reports his 2013 take-home pay.  761 more words

Term Sheet

Making a Name or Making A Difference

I don’t know how many graduation ceremonies I’ve attended. In only two cases can I recall who the Commencement speakers were. When I graduated from Michigan State University the speaker was Senator Edward Brooke of Massachusetts. 1,079 more words

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