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Comalander leaves lasting legacy in S.A. high school athletics

Jerry Comalander, who ended a long, exemplary career in public education Saturday when he worked his last day as athletic director of the North East ISD, and Harlandale ISD athletic director Rudy De Los Santos hardly could be called running buddies. 1,917 more words


Ending Ontario's wind power "ripoff"


How do we ensure that when one government abuses its power, we don’t have to live with the consequences for a generation? Through the supremacy of our democratically elected legislative assembly in Ontario. 552 more words


How to stop generic drug shortages: end hospital group purchasing kickbacks 

For millions of patients suffering from unprecedented shortages and skyrocketing prices of vital generic drugs, President Obama’s State of the Union address last week was a huge letdown. 702 more words


Veterans deserve respect and in-person services

Carl Gannon

Vince Rigby is frustrated. The former peacekeeper and Cape Breton resident recently told the Cape Breton Post, “I haven’t got a counsellor anymore so I have no idea what treatments are out there available to me.” 574 more words


How to Deal with a Friend Feud

Today I’ll be covering the topic of friend feuds: What to do when your besties are in a fight and you’re stuck in the middle… 291 more words


Human trafficking happens everywhere, including Windsor

Too often, what happens in January stays in January. Just think of our New Year’s resolutions. On Jan. 1, we implement them with such excitement and alacrity, but as the month whittles away, so do our resolutions. 619 more words


First Summer Home

By Grace Washington

Sunday mornings were always busy in Momma’s house. All five of us kids knew church attendance was mandatory. Even I, who had been off at college over the last year, knew not to question that. 1,622 more words