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The Control Freak And Jesus

There’s This Thirty-Something

There’s this thirty-something in my life who is always asking me these great questions about the Bible: provocative questions, hard questions, but very interesting questions. 842 more words

Bible Study

Don't Tell Anyone

After I caught him in his lies, we parted ways with me merely saying, “shame on you.”

Do you think I could have just walked away from that, just like that? 468 more words

Excuse me sir, I am not trainable.

This next man was not for the strong minded woman. We dated for several months and are still friends, at least on Facebook anyway. We really haven’t hung out since we broke up but that’s kind of the friendship we have… More of any acquaintance really. 175 more words

Predictably unpredictable

The longer I live, the more I begin to realise that spiritual maturity is less about figuring out the future and more about a moment by moment, step by step sensitivity to God’s leading. 438 more words

Get excited but let God do His job

When I think I’ve figured God’s plan out, I get really excited about it. I’m not very good at concealing positive emotions. Any emotions, actually. Forget the sleeve. 751 more words


Control Freak

Have I mentioned that I’m a little bit of a control freak? Not as bad a I used to be, but I still don’t like it when people “move my cheese.” I have to work really hard to give others grace when they mess with my sense of order. 259 more words

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