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god speed cliven bundy squad.

do your thing cowboy. show them all what an american really is. declare your sovereignty and stand your ground. dont let the predator feds boss you up. 138 more words

Friday, April 4, 2014, 8:13 PM

I’ve decided to creat this blog, anonymously, obvi, lol, comma, comma, comma, word, for my own emotional relief purposes. As well as for whoever may come upon it and feel as I do, overwhelmed with emotions! 144 more words

Hypocrisy , indoctrination... don’t believe the HYPE it’s a sequel !

I was watching this guy the other day. He is some preacher, t.v evangelist… And it occured to me, as it does most of the time when listening to liars, or sales men that are trying to get people to BUY into their words or into their company, how much they try to manipulate people with the words they use!. 918 more words

Putting Art Back In HEart!

Options to the "Little god" Ministry Model

In 2004, our first year in Florida, I was questioning everything about my faith and about the church. I reread the book of Acts a few times while praying the Lord would show me what He wanted the church to look like. 403 more words

Health And Wellness

What happens to gang stalking refuseniks?

Sometimes you meet people with exceptional qualities – it may be looks, athletic prowess or intelligence. Sometimes it is character. One such outstanding person was a teacher at the grammar school I attended in Northern Ireland, fifty years ago. 646 more words

Sometimes standing still is the best action to take & How Frogger sucks for control freaks

I try to be motivational on my Fitness Page. I sell workout videos & health & nutrition supplements…motivation is part of that. I like motivational quotes about getting your butt up and moving & taking chances & risks. 603 more words

The Official "Husband Improvement Program"*

When I first met my husband, he seemed like THE perfect man. My mom likes to tease me that I once said he’s the closest thing to Jesus. 1,473 more words