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The 5 Stages Of Facebook Withdrawal

We live in a society where we’re a part of every second of every person’s life experiences. We know that Jennifer and Charlie just broke up and that Sarah is really feeling the effects of the extra guac she put on her burrito earlier. 824 more words

The Word Police Are Out of Control

by Bill McGee

Copyright (c) 2014 Bill McGee

Okay, I’ve had enough of this inane he-said, she-said analysis of every word uttered by every public figure. 380 more words

Athletes Bad Behavior


Hello Pearl,
I have seen some of your articles, both on FB and Sabinews. I must confess they paint you as an informed, bold black woman.

338 more words
Issues And Ramblings

A Morning with My Mother in San Francisco

Dear Mom,

I am 45 years old. Let’s just put that out there up front.

I know how to set my alarm when I need to get up super early and on top of that when I’m going to an appointment in a building I haven’t been to before, I usually check out the address and make sure I have the cross streets down. 484 more words

Milestones? Screw your milestones.

I will never look them in the eye.  My roommates, the evil duo who laugh at me and call me awful names like, “Cutie”, and “Sweetie”, are just not getting it.  151 more words

Good Food

SWM Looking for F with drivers license and car...


I’m a fit, young male, and I’m looking for a female, who is tall enough to see over the steering wheel and does not have to sit in the motor vehicle jail cell (these buffoons stuff me in this god-forsaken cage every time we go anywhere… call it a “car seat”… I call it torture).  257 more words


I'm angry!!!

Why am I angry? 

I’m not going to start from the beginning since it would take me a few months just to count all the why’s. 299 more words