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What Makes Up a Waterjet?

Waterjets can be attached to a variety of machines. There are hand-held waterblasting wands with rotating tips used to remove paint; stationary jets used for high-speed tissue paper slitting; single axis systems used for cutting baked goods, fiber cement board or other product moving off of a roll; and still others attached to 7-axis pedestal robots used for trimming automotive interiors. 624 more words

Abrasive Waterjet

Block Diagram

1. How to read block diagram?

Here are some example below






2. Application of Block Diagram


Control System

Laplace Transform

There are 6 useful transform theorems:

more additional transform pairs can be found at


Some Example for using Laplace Transform




Reference… 16 more words

Control System

Automation… life made easy with Control4

Automation is the use of control systems to control processes and devices, reducing the need for human intervention. Putting this into context, automation is having technology do things for you so that you can relax and not worry about it. 443 more words


Montague Keen - December 28, 2014

Originally posted on http://galacticchannelings.com/

The whole structure of life as you know it, is falling apart. It is being exposed. Confusion abounds as all you believed in is laid bare before you: FALSE TO THE CORE. 1,333 more words

green hacking and the future

In a previous post I talked about cyber attacks of control systems causing real physical damage to industrial plants. It got me thinking about local industry — mostly oil and gas — and specifically the big bads that everyone knows about such as major oil sands operations. 220 more words

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