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Is talking to other people really that easy ?

OK so , when you talk to someone, do you find it difficult? Do you find it easy ? What I mean is- can you say a simple hello ? 419 more words


Sick of conflict with your teen?

Sick of conflict with your teen?.

Feeling worn out? At wits end? Look no further. I’ve been there and found the way out. I can help you learn proven strategies to have a better relationship with your son or daughter.


Disordered Working Out

Exercise often relieves the body and mind of bloating and negative thoughts. But it also creates an unhealthy pattern: eat, burn it off. A treadmill not only tracks your distance but your calorie burn. 288 more words

Gut Instincts

(started February, finished 29th July day of original post)

I thought, that’s the problem
When I feel I do not get it wrong
I lived off my deep gut feeling… 231 more words


Anonymous' Expose On The New World Order

Pretty bummed out after this one. Maybe I’ll go watch some cartoons or something.

Title: Anonymous shows Illuminati 2014 The New World Order (YT link) Uploaded by Copak Gabriel


Psy-Ops, Satanic Death Cults And The CIA

At under 7 minutes, this presentation gives a short, but factual overview of how the US government started down that slippery slope that got us where we are today. 53 more words


When I am happy, things will change

   I found this image online and I had to post it!

This saying is so true! We cannot truly make things change in our life until we are happy within ourselves. 228 more words

Self Healing