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Be still & listen.

Hello sweet readers,

Today I wanted to talk about something that I’ve been struggling with these past few days.

I’ve been in a relationship with Jesus Christ for about 8 years now and I have always struggled with one thing in particular – and that is giving… 482 more words

Obey the King

Ecclesiastes Chapter 8 –  from the 1599 Geneva Bible’s To obey Princes and Magistrates to the New American Standard Bible’s Obey Rulers – is entitled something along the line of ‘Keep the King’s Commands’ (ESV). 901 more words


The Domino Effect

Isn’t it crazy when you think of how seemingly small moments or decisions in your life can change the course of it in a split second? 1,751 more words


Passion: The Collision (Part 1)

The question that was left on the table was, “Is being passionate about being a good person and holding any belief as our own good enough?”  There are many different views and arguments regarding these questions.   349 more words

The Voice In The Void - Children Of The State

Press For Truth, Jul 22, 2014

With all the time spent in school have you ever considered who’s really raising your kids? Molly Amanda of Press For Truth explores the education system or rather lack of, and also ideas for how parents can ultimately free their children’s minds from the control of the state.

Dumbing Us Down

Bill Gates Foundadtion Unveils Contraceprive Microchip That Can Last For More Than a Decade

The Bill Gates foundation has unveiled a contraceptive chip that can last up to 16 years. The chip can be turned on and off via a secure remote access and saves women going to the doctors to remove the implant when they want to get pregnant.

16 Years

Olympic Ayres - Control

After their last single “Magic” from 2013, Olympic Ayres, a duo from Australia, deliver once again. “Control” gets better and better the further you get into the song and it is actually really catchy and happy. 42 more words