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How I Conquered Holiday Dinner

If you don’t already know, I should tell you: I love my family. I love my family — both immediate and extended — with a love so big it could eclipse the sun. 744 more words

Weight Watchers

Nuevo tajo a la minería ilegal

El Gobierno Colombiano expidió un decreto en el que pretende poner un mayor control a las importaciones de maquinaría minera destinadas a la actividad ilegal del sector. 1,088 more words

Monday Motivation

Sorry for the language, but this gave me the jolt I needed this morning! Let’s stop making excuse and take control and make our lives what we want them to be!

Control? What can it do?

Personally, I find “The River God” by Stevie Smith and “Les Grands Seigneurs” by Dorothy Molloy fascinating poems as they contemplate the theme of control and how it can manifest into something possessive and evil. 982 more words

My Work


We can remain the same person with different personalities taking control and guiding the day, sometimes guiding a whole life in guises that aren’t comfortable, just available. 213 more words


Being here is no accident of God. It is not by mere coincidence that you grace this Earth. Why would your existence be by chance? What good would it do others that you walk and breathe every day? 97 more words


putting God in a box (again)

I’m putting God in a box again.

It’s actually something I’m exceptionally good at. I stick him in the cardboard box, seal it tight, and wipe my hands on my pants, feeling confident that I’m in control once again.  671 more words