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Language devices used in Othello - 10X1a

See if you can identify and analyse examples of:

  • irony – the use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning…
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10X1a - Othello Notes - Rob please look at these

Hello year 10.  I’ve made some notes that may help you with your analysis of part two and your conclusions.  Read them carefully.

Remember that if you are stuck on the language of Shakespeare you can look at a modern translation alongside the original text at: 910 more words

AQA English Literature

Hometown questions

Alex, Liam, Kieran, Tyrone, Tom, Charlie, Daniel, Christian!!!

Here is the documentCA hometown questions

10X1a - Othello References

  • Act 1 Sc 1 – Iago sexualised language
  • Act 1 Sc 3 – Desdemona rebels against Othello
  • Act 2 Sc 1 – Iago Sexualised language; Desdemona and Emilia speak to Iago on equal terms; Iago plots to use Desdemona to get back at Othello…
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AQA English Literature

Happy New Year 10X1a!

Hello lovely Year 10

I hope that you have had a lovely break thus far; I’m looking forward to seeing you all on Monday.

If you are bored over the weekend there is much that you could do :-) 56 more words

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