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Using expert opinions to develop analysis

Sometimes it is useful to use other people’s ideas as a springboard into analysis. The following lead on from today’s lesson and come from the RSC website (see links for full articles). 291 more words

Controlled Assessment

Exploring Romeo and Juliet

This week’s homework is to plan two sections of your comparison. Use the ideas from class which we wrote on the whiteboards. Here is a sample: 305 more words

Controlled Assessment

Shakespeare: planning a comparison of script and screen

I’ve tried to design possible paragraph structures for comparisons of the presentation of love in the script and in the Baz Luhrman film. The important bit is to stress these are possibilities: as ever, … 42 more words

Controlled Assessment

Step-By-Step Preparation Guide to the GCSE OCR Controlled Assessments

Step-by-step structured tasks and questions cover every element of the Task B stimulus material – your students won’t miss a thing! The progressive structure supports weaker students. 146 more words