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Stunning 9/11 Video Reveals "Missile" Emerging From South Tower

Sober analysis concludes the image of an aircraft fuselage emerging from the South Tower was a product of image editing more sophisticated than Photoshop.  This Hollywood studio trick was intended to impress the average, naive viewer that a fragile,  thin-skinned aluminum aircraft could actually survive a trip through structural steel to emerge unscathed out the other side.  521 more words



(This essay was originally written in 1998. Thank goodness for the Wayback Machine.)

You’ve seen the pictures: one moment, there is a building, seeming solid and stable. 484 more words


Architects and Engineer's for 9/11 Truth Sue NIST

By Cheri Roberts

After  failed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) filings Architects and Engineer’s for 9/11 Truth will be filing a lawsuit next week against the… 241 more words