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Response to Reason Foundation's P3 Toll Road Agenda

The Reason Foundation represents how a political organization may function as controlled opposition to help advance tyranny.  The Reason Foundation identifies itself as a libertarian think tank while in reality, from it’s inception, it has functioned as controlled opposition to the establishment it serves. 9 more words

Outsourcing Discernment: The Hegelian Dialectic and Discernment Inc


As we draw nearer to the climax of end times events, more and more agents of the enemy reveal themselves.  A great many of these agents pretend to be Christians. 969 more words

End Time Deception

Russell Brand - Revolutionary or NWO Shill?

Russell Brand appears to be being set up as new leader of the truth movement. He has been endorsed by both David Icke and Alex Jones by appearing on both of their shows; this makes me suspicious as to me they both appear to be some kind of controlled opposition. 491 more words

Mind Control

Celebrity truther endorsement

Finally we have audio that Richard Gage from AEf911truth  has seen and seemingly endorsed September Clues (septemberclues.info). This audio was captured live by our fakeologist friend Banazir at a meeting in Vancouver back in March 2014. 42 more words


Truther break through - not

Well, after hundreds of phone calls to CSPAN (and I’ve enjoyed most of them actually), Richard Gage finally made a guest appearance.

Sadly, it brings us no where to getting closer to the truth, which is of course the whole point of controlled opposition. 83 more words


Lesson on FBI, CIA, Informants, Activist, Provocateurs, Infiltrators Deceivers Disinfo Agents

In this video, thepostnihilist describes how Disinformation Agents, Perpetrators, Informants and Provocateurs infiltrate into organizations and into individual lives.


Targeted Individuals

Unwitting Experimentee reblogged this on COINTELPRO 2014 & the Truth About Organized Stalking & 21st Century Torture and commented:

This is an excellent video describing the techniques that disinformation agents, informants, shills, double agents and all paid infiltrators and perpetrators use to discredit, subvert, obfuscate and undermine the truth, legitimate targeted individuals and organizations.

This is a must watch for targeted individuals as they are most likely being manipulated and undermined in this way--either personally or through an organization that they belong to or have reached out to for help. All real targets experience this because it is part of what Linda Lesker--a known CoIntelPro operative and disinformation agent--calls "The Operation".